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Volume 26

Content of Issue 9
Managing Editor's Column C. Gütl 1074
On the Complexity of Some Variations of Sorting by Transpositions A. Oliveira Alexandrino, A. Rodrigues Oliveira, U. Dias, Z. Dias 1076
Recent Progress in Automated Code Generation from GUI Images Using Machine Learning Techniques D. de Souza Baulé, C. Gresse von Wangenheim, A. von Wangenheim, J.C.R. Hauck 1095
Comparative Study of Real Time Machine Learning Models for Stock Prediction through Streaming Data R.K. Behera, S. Das, S.K. Rath, S. Misra, R. Damasevicius 1128
Model Driven Software Engineering Meta-Workbenches: An XTools Approach T. Clark, J. Gulden 1148
Numerical Treatment of a Data Completion Problem in Heat Conduction Modelling A.C. de Castro Barbosa, C.A. de Moura, J.P. de Negreiros, J.M. de Souza Aguiar 1177
A Cooperative Design Method for SMEs to Adopt New Technologies for Knowledge Management: A Multiple Case Study A. Fessl, V. Pammer-Schindler, K. Pata, S. Feyertag, M. Mõttus, J. Janus, T. Ley 1189
The Effects of Using a Fully Integrated Mobile Application to Access Learning Management Systems in Higher Education J.L. Martín, S. Sastre, J.M. Peiró, J.R. Hilera 1213
Using the Scientific Method as a Metaphor to Understand Modeling E. Rodríguez-Priego, F.J. García-Izquierdo, Á.L. Rubio 1230
Reconstruction of Curve Networks from Unorganized Spatial Points S. Wang, Y. Xia, L. You, J. Zhang 1265