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Volume 18

Content of Issue 9
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-018-09
Internet of Things D. Zhang, H. Ning, K. Xu, F. Lin, L. Yang 1069
A Metropolitan Taxi Mobility Model from Real GPS Traces H. Huang, D. Zhang, Y. Zhu, M. Li, M.-Y. Wu 1072
Context-based Ontology Matching: Concept and Application Cases F. Lin, K. Sandkuhl, S. Xu 1093
Directed Path Based Authentication Scheme for the Internet of Things H. Ning, H. Liu, Q. Liu, G. Ji 1112
Goal-Driven Process Navigation for Individualized Learning Activities in Ubiquitous Networking and IoT Environments J. Chen, Q. Jin, R. Huang 1132
Localized Processing and Analysis of Accelerometer Data in Detecting Traffic Events and Driver Behaviour B. Predic, D. Stojanovic 1152
Low Complexity H.264/AVC Intraframe Coding for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network X. Liu, J. Liu, K.-Y. Yoo, H. Cho 1177
Network Planning for WiMAX-R Networks Q. Liu, M. Chen, J. Zhang, B. Shen, Z. Chu 1194
Security-enhanced Search Engine Design in Internet of Things X. Qian, X. Che 1218