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Volume 18

Content of Issue 17
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-018-17
Conceptual Modelling of Services H. Ma, K.-D. Schewe, B. Thalheim, Q. Wang 2361
Towards Model-Driven Engineering Support for Service Evolution J.M. Vara, V. Andrikopoulos, M.P. Papazoglou, E. Marcos 2364
Behavior Alignment and Control Flow Verification of Process and Service Choreographies J. Roa, P. Villarreal, O. Chiotti 2383
A Metadirectory of Web Components for Mashup Composition J.I. Fernández-Villamor, C.Á. Iglesias, M. Garijo 2407
A Formal Approach for Risk Assessment in RBAC Systems J. Ma 2432
A Conceptual Model for IT Service Systems A. Dahanayake, B. Thalheim 2452
Service-Oriented Development of Web Information Systems V. de Castro, J.M. Vara, E. Marcos 2474
A Conceptual Ontology-based Resource Meta-Model towards Business-driven Information System Implementation H. Cai, B. Xu, F. Bu 2493