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Volume 18 / Issue 17

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DOI:   10.3217/jucs-018-17-2383


Behavior Alignment and Control Flow Verification of Process and Service Choreographies

Jorge Roa (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Argentina)

Pablo Villarreal (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Argentina)

Omar Chiotti (INGAR-CONICET, Argentina)

Abstract: The representation of process and service choreographies has been recognized as an important requirement in service-oriented methodologies. The guarantee of alignment between process and service choreographies and the verification of the behavior of choreographies represent an important improvement for such methodologies, since they enable the automatic generation of choreography service specifications from well-defined choreography process models. To deal with these issues, we propose a transformation pattern that guarantees behavior alignment between process and service choreographies, and a verification method for the control flow of choreographies, which can be applied to any choreography language. These approaches make use of the Global Interaction Nets (GI-Nets) language to formalize the behavior of process and service choreographies. This formal representation can then be used to conclude on the behavioral aspects of choreographies. In addition, we present a tool for the modeling, automatic generation and verification of GI-Nets, and apply the proposed approaches to the UP-ColBPIP and WS-CDL choreography languages.

Keywords: Web service, business process, choreography, verification

Categories: D.2.10, D.2.2