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Volume 18

Content of Issue 18
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-018-18
Trends in Immersive Education Research C. Delgado Kloos, C. Gütl, F. Kappe 2514
A Proposal to Create Learning Environments in Virtual Worlds Integrating Advanced Educative Resources D. Griol, J.M. Molina, A.S. de Miguel, Z. Callejas 2516
The ShanghAI Lectures: A Global Education Project on Artificial Intelligence N. Labhart, B.S. Hasler, A. Zbinden, A. Schmeil 2542
Creating Test Questions for 3D Collaborative Virtual Worlds: the WorldOfQuestions Authoring Environment M.B. Ibáñez, J.J. Garcia Rueda, D. Morillo, C. Delgado Kloos 2556
MareMonstrum: a Contribution to Empirical Research about How the Use of MUVEs May Improve Students' Motivation P. Sancho, J. Torrente, B. Fernández-Manjón 2576