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Volume 18

Content of Issue 3
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-018-03
Rethinking Education in the Knowledge Society L. Cantoni, I. Rega 312
Computer Generated Voice-Over in a Medical E-Learning Application: The Impact on Factual Learning Outcome S. Minder, M. Notari, F. Schmitz, R. Hofer, U. Woermann 314
Co-Designing Collaborative Smart Classroom Curriculum for Secondary School Science M. Tissenbaum, M. Lui, J.D. Slotta 327
Boys are like Girls: Insights in the Gender Digital Divide in Higher Education in Switzerland and Europe L. Botturi, C. Bramani, S. McCusker 353
University Students and Social Media: Reflections from an Empirical Research P. Ferri, A. Pozzali 377
Pedagogical Design of an eTandem Chinese-French Writing Course J. Wang, C. Berger, N. Szilas 393
Measuring Primary Schools Teachers' Perception of ICT through Self-Efficacy: A Case Study I. Rega, F. Fanni 410
AT-HOME 2.0 - An Educational Framework for Home-based Healthcare I. van Zyl, R. de la Harpe 429