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Articles by Topics
Topic D. - Software
Topic D.2.2 - Design Tools and Techniques

T. Aaltonen, M. Katara, R. Pitkänen:
DisCo Toolset - The New Generation
page 3 - 18
Vol.7 / Issue 1
A. Adamkó:
UML-Based Modeling of Data-oriented WEB Applications
page 1104 - 1117
Vol.12 / Issue 9
J.A. Aguilar, I. Garrigós, J.-N. Mazón, J. Trujillo:
An MDA Approach for Goal-oriented Requirement Analysis in Web Engineering
page 2475 - 2494
Vol.16 / Issue 17
M. Alférez, R.E. Lopez-Herrejón, A. Moreira, V. Amaral, A. Egyed:
Consistency Checking in Early Software Product Line Specifications - The VCC Approach
page 640 - 665
Vol.20 / Issue 5
L. Allain, P. Yim:
Modeling Information System Behavior with Dynamic Relations Nets
page 1109 - 1130
Vol.6 / Issue 11
A.P. Allian, E. OliveiraJr, R. Capilla, E.Y. Nakagawa:
Have Variability Tools Fulfilled the Needs of the Software Industry?
page 1282 - 1311
Vol.26 / Issue 10
M. Pitanga Alves, P.F. Pires, F.C. Delicato, M.L.M. Campos:
CrossMDA: a Model-driven Approach for Aspect Management
page 1314 - 1343
Vol.14 / Issue 8
D. Azevedo, B. Fonseca, H. Paredes, S. Lukosch, J. Janeiro, R.O. Briggs:
On the Development and Usability of a Diagram-based Collaborative Brainstorming Component
page 873 - 893
Vol.19 / Issue 7
R. Barrett, C. Pahl:
Distribution Pattern-driven Development of Service Architectures
page 2166 - 2195
Vol.15 / Issue 11
A. Bergel, S. Ducasse, O. Nierstrasz:
Analyzing Module Diversity
page 1613 - 1644
Vol.11 / Issue 10
R. Berghammer, T. Hoffmann:
Modeling Sequences within the RelView System
page 107 - 123
Vol.7 / Issue 2
N. Bouassida, S. Jamoussi, A. Msaed, H. Ben-Abdallah:
An Interactive Design Pattern Selection Method
page 1746 - 1766
Vol.21 / Issue 13
E. Börger, D. Sona:
A Neural Abstract Machine
page 1006 - 1023
Vol.7 / Issue 11
M.E. Cambronero, V. Valero, E. Martínez:
Design and Generation of Web Services Choreographies with Time Constraints
page 1800 - 1829
Vol.17 / Issue 13
D. Cansell, D. Mery, S. Merz:
Diagram Refinements for the Design of Reactive Systems
page 159 - 174
Vol.7 / Issue 2
L. Capra, W. Cazzola:
Self-Evolving Petri Nets
page 2002 - 2034
Vol.13 / Issue 13
Y.-S. Chang, C.-T. Yang, Y.-C. Luo:
An Ontology based Agent Generation for Information Retrieval on Cloud Environment
page 1135 - 1160
Vol.17 / Issue 8
P.-H. Chiu, C.-C. Lo, K.-M. Chao:
Integrating Semantic Web and Object-Oriented Programming for Cooperative Design
page 1970 - 1990
Vol.15 / Issue 9
C. Choppy, P. Poizat, J.-C. Royer:
The Korrigan Environment
page 19 - 36
Vol.7 / Issue 1
F. Ciriaco, T. Abrão, P.J.E. Jeszensky:
DS/CDMA Multiuser Detection with Evolutionary Algorithms
page 450 - 480
Vol.12 / Issue 4
T. Clark, J. Gulden:
Model Driven Software Engineering Meta-Workbenches: An XTools Approach
page 1148 - 1176
Vol.26 / Issue 9
A.M. Cruz, L. Soares Barbosa, J.N. Oliveira:
From Algebras to Objects: Generation and Composition
page 1580 - 1612
Vol.11 / Issue 10
J. Cubo, C. Canal, E. Pimentel:
Context-Aware Composition and Adaptation based on Model Transformation
page 777 - 806
Vol.17 / Issue 5
J. Cámara, G. Salaün, C. Canal:
Composition and Run-time Adaptation of Mismatching Behavioural Interfaces
page 2182 - 2211
Vol.14 / Issue 13
M. Denford, A. Solomon, J. Leaney, T. O'Neill:
Architectural Abstraction as Transformation of Poset Labelled Graphs
page 1408 - 1428
Vol.10 / Issue 10
J.M. Dodero, S. Sánchez-Alonso, D. Frosch-Wilke:
Generative Instructional Engineering of Competence Development Programmes
page 1213 - 1233
Vol.13 / Issue 9
R. Duque, J. Gallardo, C. Bravo, A.J. Mendes:
Defining Tasks, Domains and Conversational Acts in CSCW Systems: the SPACE-DESIGN Case Study
page 1463 - 1463
Vol.14 / Issue 9
O. Díaz, J. J. Rodríguez:
Portlets as Web Components: an Introduction
page 454 - 472
Vol.10 / Issue 4
G. Edwards, C. Seo, N. Medvidovic:
Model Interpreter Frameworks:A Foundation for the Analysis of Domain-Specific Software Architectures
page 1182 - 1206
Vol.14 / Issue 8
D. Efstathiou, P. McBurney, S. Zschaler, J. Bourcier:
Efficient Multi-Objective Optimisation of Service Compositions in Mobile Ad hoc Networks Using Lightweight Surrogate Models
page 1089 - 1108
Vol.20 / Issue 8
M. J. Emerson, J. Sztipanovits, T. Bapty:
A MOF-Based Metamodeling Environment
page 1357 - 1382
Vol.10 / Issue 10
H.M. Fardoun, A. Mashat, S.R. López:
Applying Professional Solutions within the Educational Environments by Means of Cloud Computing: Coaching for Teachers
page 1703 - 1717
Vol.19 / Issue 12
R. L. Feldmann, R. Carbon:
Experience Base Schema Building Blocks of the PLEASERS Library
page 659 - 669
Vol.9 / Issue 7
P. Fernandes, C. Werner, E. Teixeira:
An Approach for Feature Modeling of Context-Aware Software Product Line
page 807 - 829
Vol.17 / Issue 5
M. Alier Forment, M.J. Casany, E. Mayol, J. Piguillem, N. Galanis, F.J. García-Peñalvo, M.Á. Conde:
Docs4Learning: Getting Google Docs to work within the LMS with IMS BLTI
page 1483 - 1500
Vol.18 / Issue 11
G. Franck-Oberaspach, D. B. Schweiger, K. Svozil:
A Packing Problem, Solved by Genetic Algorithms
page 464 - 470
Vol.5 / Issue 8
L. Fuentes, N. Gámez:
Configuration Process of a Software Product Line for AmI Middleware
page 1592 - 1611
Vol.16 / Issue 12
L. Fuentes, D. Jiménez, M. Pinto:
Development of Ambient Intelligence Applications using Components and Aspects
page 236 - 251
Vol.12 / Issue 3
A. Gargantini, E. Riccobene:
ASM-Based Testing: Coverage Criteria and Automatic Test Sequence
page 1050 - 1067
Vol.7 / Issue 11
R. Gheyi, T. Massoni, P. Borba:
Automatically Checking Feature Model Refactorings
page 684 - 711
Vol.17 / Issue 5
R. Gheyi, T. Massoni, P. Borba:
Algebraic Laws for Feature Models
page 3573 - 3591
Vol.14 / Issue 21
G. Giachetti, M. Albert, B. Marín, O. Pastor:
Linking UML and MDD through UML Profiles: a Practical Approach based on the UML Association
page 2353 - 2373
Vol.16 / Issue 17
W.J. Giraldo, A.I. Molina, C.A. Collazos, M. Ortega, M.A. Redondo:
Taxonomy for Integrating Models in the Development of Interactive Groupware Systems
page 3142 - 3159
Vol.14 / Issue 19
M.K. Gonçalves, l.R.B. de Souza, V.M. González:
Collaboration, Information Seeking and Communication: An Observational Study of Software Developers' Work Practices
page 1913 - 1930
Vol.17 / Issue 14
L.A. Guerrero, H. Horta, S.F. Ochoa:
Developing Augmented Objects: A Process Perspective
page 1612 - 1632
Vol.16 / Issue 12
W. Guttmann, H. Partsch, W. Schulte, T. Vullinghs:
Tool Support for the Interactive Derivation of Formally Correct Functional Programs
page 173 - 188
Vol.9 / Issue 2
B. Henderson-Sellers, J. Ralyté:
Situational Method Engineering: State-of-the-Art Review
page 424 - 478
Vol.16 / Issue 3
J.L. Hernández, A. Vizcaíno, I. Caballero, G. Aranda:
Obtaining Requirements for Designing a Tool to Support Distributed Development
page 2602 - 2624
Vol.18 / Issue 19
V. Herskovic, S.F. Ochoa, J.A. Pino, A. Neyem:
The Iceberg Effect: Behind the User Interface of Mobile Collaborative Systems
page 183 - 201
Vol.17 / Issue 2
C. El Hog, R. Ben Djemaa, I. Amous:
A User-Aware Approach to Provide Adaptive Web Services
page 944 - 963
Vol.20 / Issue 6
M. Johnson, D. Griffiths, M. Wang:
Positioning Theory, Roles and the Design and Implementation of Learning Technology
page 1329 - 1346
Vol.17 / Issue 9
W. Kahl, F. Derichsweiler:
Declarative Term Graph Attribution for Program Generation
page 54 - 70
Vol.7 / Issue 1
G. Karsai, G. Nordstrom, A. Ledeczi, J. Sztipanovits:
Towards Two-Level Formal Modeling of Computer-Based Systems
page 1131 - 1144
Vol.6 / Issue 11
G. Karsai, A. Agrawal, F. Shi, J. Sprinkle:
On the Use of Graph Transformation in the Formal Specification of Model Interpreters
page 1296 - 1321
Vol.9 / Issue 11
J. Klímek, S. Benda, M. Nečaský:
Translation of Structural Constraints from Conceptual Model for XML to Schematron
page 277 - 301
Vol.20 / Issue 3
A. Komlodi:
The Role of Interaction Histories in Mental Model Building and Knowledge Sharing in the Legal Domain
page 557 - 566
Vol.8 / Issue 5
M. Kronenburg, C. Peper:
Application of the FOREST Approach to the Light Control Case Study
page 679 - 703
Vol.6 / Issue 7
M.A. Laguna, J.M. Marqués:
UML Support for Designing Software Product Lines: The Package Merge Mechanism
page 2313 - 2332
Vol.16 / Issue 17
A. Menezes Leitão:
UCL-GLORP - An ORM for Common Lisp
page 3333 - 3357
Vol.14 / Issue 20
M. Linaje, J.C. Preciado, F. Sánchez-Figueroa:
Multi-Device Context-Aware RIAs Using a Model-Driven Approach
page 2038 - 2059
Vol.16 / Issue 15
D. Lizcano, F. Alonso, J. Soriano, G. López:
Supporting End-User Development through a New Composition Model: An Empirical Study
page 143 - 176
Vol.18 / Issue 2
F. Loiret, R. Rouvoy, L. Seinturier, D. Romero, K. Sénéchal, A. Plšek:
An Aspect-Oriented Framework for Weaving Domain-Specific Concerns into Component-Based Systems
page 742 - 776
Vol.17 / Issue 5
D. López de Ipiña, J.I. Vázquez, D. García, J. Fernández, I. García, D. Sainz, A. Almeida:
EMI²lets: A Reflective Framework for Enabling AmI
page 297 - 314
Vol.12 / Issue 3
D. López-de-Ipiña, I. Díaz-de-Sarralde, J. García-Zubia:
An Ambient Assisted Living Platform Integrating RFID Data-on-Tag Care Annotations and Twitter
page 1521 - 1538
Vol.16 / Issue 12
K. Ma, B. Yang, Z. Chen, A. Abraham:
A Relational Approach to Model Transformation with QVT Relations Supporting Model Synchronization
page 1863 - 1883
Vol.17 / Issue 13
R. Malik, R. Mühlfeld:
A Case Study in Verification of UML Statecharts: the PROFIsafe Protocol
page 138 - 151
Vol.9 / Issue 2
J. Malý, M. Nečaský:
Evaluation of OCL Expressions over XML Data Model
page 329 - 365
Vol.20 / Issue 3
E. Marçal, R.M. de Castro Andrade, W. Viana:
Development and Evaluation of a Model-Driven System to Support Mobile Learning in Field Trips
page 1147 - 1171
Vol.23 / Issue 12
P. Matsumoto, E. Guerra:
An Approach for Mapping Domain-Specific AOM Applications to a General Model
page 534 - 560
Vol.20 / Issue 4
V. Mattick:
Design for All as a Challenge for Hypermedia Engineering
page 881 - 891
Vol.8 / Issue 10
R. Matulevičius, H. Mouratidis, N. Mayer, E. Dubois, P. Heymans:
Syntactic and Semantic Extensions to Secure Tropos to Support Security Risk Management
page 816 - 844
Vol.18 / Issue 6
M. Melia, C. Pahl:
Model-driven Transformation and Validation of Adaptive Educational Hypermedia using CAVIAr
page 2862 - 2881
Vol.16 / Issue 19
D. Mishra, A. Mishra:
A Global Software Inspection Process for Distributed Software Development
page 2731 - 2746
Vol.18 / Issue 19
A.I. Molina, M.A. Redondo, M. Ortega, U. Hoppe:
CIAM: A Methodology for the Development of Groupware User Interfaces
page 1435 - 1446
Vol.14 / Issue 9
T. Moore:
An Implementation of CLIM Presentation Types
page 3358 - 3369
Vol.14 / Issue 20
H. Mouratidis, C. Kalloniatis, S. Islam, M.-P. Huget, S. Gritzalis:
Aligning Security and Privacy to Support the Development of Secure Information Systems
page 1608 - 1627
Vol.18 / Issue 12
R. Munoz, R. Villarroel, T.S. Barcelos, A. Souza, E. Merino, R. Guiñez, L.A. Silva:
Development of a Software that Supports Multimodal Learning Analytics: A Case Study on Oral Presentations
page 149 - 170
Vol.24 / Issue 2
E.-R. Olderog, H. Dierks:
Moby/RT: A Tool for Specification and Verification of Real-Time Systems
page 88 - 105
Vol.9 / Issue 2
E. Oliva, A. Natali, A. Ricci, M. Viroli:
An Adaptation Logic Framework for Java-based Component Systems
page 2158 - 2181
Vol.14 / Issue 13
E.A. Oliveira Junior, I.M.S. Gimenes, J.C. Maldonado:
Systematic Management of Variability in UML-based Software Product Lines
page 2374 - 2393
Vol.16 / Issue 17
A. Muñoz Ortega, J.M. Alcaraz Calero, J.A. Botía Blaya, G. Martínez Pérez, F.J. Garcia Clemente:
Knowledge Authoring with ORE: Testing, Debugging and Validating Knowledge Rules in a Semantic Web Framework
page 1234 - 1266
Vol.16 / Issue 9
M. Ouimet, K. Lundqvist:
The Timed Abstract State Machine Language: Abstract State Machines for Real-Time System Engineering
page 2007 - 2033
Vol.14 / Issue 12
T. Pallejà, E. Rubión, M. Teixido, M. Tresanchez, A. Fernández del Viso, C. Rebate, J. Palacin:
Using the Optical Flow to Implement a Relative Virtual Mouse Controlled by Head Movements
page 3127 - 3127
Vol.14 / Issue 19
R. Perrone, R. Macedo, G. Lima, V. Lima:
An Approach for Estimating Execution Time Probability Distributions of Component-based Real-Time Systems
page 2142 - 2165
Vol.15 / Issue 11
A.F. Pinto, R. Terra, E. Guerra, F. São Sabbas:
Introducing an Architectural Conformance Process in Continuous Integration
page 769 - 805
Vol.23 / Issue 8
L. Po, D. Malvezzi:
Community Detection Applied on Big Linked Data
page 1627 - 1650
Vol.24 / Issue 11
P. Poizat, J.-C. Royer:
A Formal Architectural Description Language based on Symbolic Transition Systems and Temporal Logic
page 1741 - 1782
Vol.12 / Issue 12
L. Prechelt, C. Krämer:
Functionality versus Practicality: Employing Existing Tools for Recovering Structural Design Patterns
page 866 - 882
Vol.4 / Issue 12
J. Pérez, I. Ramos, J.A. Carsí, C. Costa-Soria:
Model-Driven Development of Aspect-Oriented Software Architectures
page 1433 - 1473
Vol.19 / Issue 10
J. Bredahl Rasmussen, L. Hvam, K. Kristjansdottir, N.H. Mortensen:
Guidelines for Structuring Object-Oriented Product Configuration Models in Standard Configuration Software
page 374 - 401
Vol.26 / Issue 3
B. Rinner, M. Schmid, R. Weiss:
A Rapid Prototyping Environment for Multi-DSP Systems based on Accurate Performance Prediction
page 120 - 144
Vol.10 / Issue 2
J. Roa, P. Villarreal, O. Chiotti:
Behavior Alignment and Control Flow Verification of Process and Service Choreographies
page 2383 - 2406
Vol.18 / Issue 17
E. Rodríguez-Priego, F.J. García-Izquierdo, Á.L. Rubio:
Using the Scientific Method as a Metaphor to Understand Modeling
page 1230 - 1264
Vol.26 / Issue 9
S. Sasaki, T. Nishihara, D. Ando, M. Fujita:
Hardware/Software Co-design and Verification Methodology from System Level Based on System Dependence Graph
page 1972 - 2001
Vol.13 / Issue 13
R.M. Savola, C. Frühwirth, A. Pietikäinen:
Risk-Driven Security Metrics in Agile Software Development - An Industrial Pilot Study
page 1679 - 1702
Vol.18 / Issue 12
M. Sendín, V. López-Jaquero, C.A. Collazos:
Collaborative Explicit Plasticity Framework: a Conceptual Scheme for the Generation of Plastic and Group-Aware User Interfaces
page 1447 - 1462
Vol.14 / Issue 9
M. Sirjani, A. Movaghar, A. Shali, F. S. de Boer:
Model Checking, Automated Abstraction, and Compositional Verification of Rebeca Models
page 1054 - 1082
Vol.11 / Issue 6
D. B. Skillicorn:
Structured Parallel Computation in Structured Documents
page 42 - 68
Vol.3 / Issue 1
W. Sun, E. Song, P.C. Grabow, D.M. Simmonds:
Toward an Integrated Tool Environment for Static Analysis of UML Class and Sequence Models
page 2435 - 2454
Vol.16 / Issue 17
T. Szemethy, G. Karsai:
Platform Modeling and Model Transformations for Analysis
page 1383 - 1407
Vol.10 / Issue 10
I.G. Tabakow:
Using Place Invariants and Test Point Placement to Isolate Faults in Discrete Event Systems
page 224 - 243
Vol.13 / Issue 2
A.J. Telmoudi, L. Nabli, R. M'hiri:
Modeling of Robustness Margins of the Control of a Predictive Control-Supervisory Architecture
page 3231 - 3245
Vol.15 / Issue 17
R. Tesoriero, J.A. Gallud, M.D. Lozano, V.M.R. Penichet:
CAUCE: Model-driven Development of Context-aware Applications for Ubiquitous Computing Environments
page 2111 - 2138
Vol.16 / Issue 15
L.-M. Traonouez, D. Lime, O.H. Roux:
Parametric Model-Checking of Stopwatch Petri Nets
page 3273 - 3304
Vol.15 / Issue 17
M. Urbieta, G. Rossi, S.E. Gordillo, A. Rodrigues, J. Araujo, A. Moreira:
An Aspect-Oriented Approach for Spatial Concerns in Web Applications
page 110 - 131
Vol.19 / Issue 1
A.V. Uzunov, E.B. Fernandez, K. Falkner:
Engineering Security into Distributed Systems: A Survey of Methodologies
page 2920 - 3006
Vol.18 / Issue 20
J.M. Vara, V. Andrikopoulos, M.P. Papazoglou, E. Marcos:
Towards Model-Driven Engineering Support for Service Evolution
page 2364 - 2382
Vol.18 / Issue 17
B. Virginas, M. Ursu, E. Tsang, G. Owusu, C. Voudouris:
Intelligent Resource Exchanges: Solutions and Pathways in a Workforce Allocation Problem
page 2343 - 2358
Vol.14 / Issue 14
B.T. Westphal, F. C. Harris, Jr., S.M. Dascalu:
Snippets: Support for Drag-and-Drop Programming in the Redwood Environment
page 859 - 871
Vol.10 / Issue 7
M. Yang, G.J. Michaelson, R.J. Pooley:
Formal Action Semantics for a UML Action Language
page 3608 - 3624
Vol.14 / Issue 21
W. L. Yeung:
Checking Consistency between UML Class and State Models Based on CSP and B
page 1540 - 1559
Vol.10 / Issue 11
F.H. de Carvalho Júnior, R. Dueire Lins:
Haskell#: Parallel Programming Made Simple and Efficient
page 776 - 794
Vol.9 / Issue 8
V. de Castro, J.M. Vara, E. Marcos:
Service-Oriented Development of Web Information Systems
page 2474 - 2492
Vol.18 / Issue 17
R. Maiani de Mello, E. Nogueira Teixeira, M. Schots, C.M. Lima Werner, G. Horta Travassos:
Verification of Software Product Line Artefacts: A Checklist to Support Feature Model Inspections
page 720 - 745
Vol.20 / Issue 5