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Volume 6

Content of Issue 11
J.UCS Special Issue on Formal Specifications of Computer-Based Systems V. Dvořák 1052
Nondeterministic Admissible Interference J. Mullins 1054
Use of E-LOTOS in Adding Formality to UML R. Clark, A. Moreira 1071
An Outline of PVS Semantics for UML Statecharts I. Traoré 1088
Modeling Information System Behavior with Dynamic Relations Nets L. Allain, P. Yim 1109
Towards Two-Level Formal Modeling of Computer-Based Systems G. Karsai, G. Nordstrom, A. Ledeczi, J. Sztipanovits 1131
A Survey of Formal Methods Applied to Leader Election in IEEE 1394 S. Maharaj, C. Shankland 1145