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Volume 6

Content of Issue 10
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-006-10
J.UCS Special Issue on Multithreaded Processors and Chip-Multiprocessors J. Keller, T. Ungerer 906
On Dynamic Speculative Thread Partitioning and the MEM-Slicing Algorithm L. Codrescu, D.S. Wills 908
Performance of Switch Blocking on Multithreaded Architectures K. Gopinath, M.K. Narasinhan 928
Execution and Cache Performance of the Scheduled Dataflow Architecture K. Kavi, J. Arul, R. Giorgi 948
Compiler Generated Multithreading to Alleviate Memory Latency K. E. Beyls, E. H. D'Hollander 968
On the Thread Scheduling Problem W.-N. Li, J.-F. Jenq 994
Data Driven Network Of Workstations (D²NOW) P. Evripidou, C. Kyriacou 1015
MSparc: Multithreading in Real-Time Architectures A. Metzner, J. Niehaus 1034