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Volume 6

Content of Issue 4
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-006-04
J.UCS Special Issue on BCTCS P. E. Dunne, A. Gibbons 405
Formal Specification from an Observation-Oriented Perspective M. Beynon, J. Rungrattanaubol, J. Sinclair 407
Using Genetic Algorithms to Solve the Motion Planning Problem C. Eldershaw, S. Cameron 422
Functional Reading of Logic Programs S. Seres, M. Spivey 433
Region-Based Discrete Geometry M. B. Smyth 447
Specifying and Verifying Real-Time Systems using Second-Order Algebraic Methods: A Case Study of the Railroad Crossing Controller L. J. Steggles 460
Ensuring Termination in ESFP A. Telford, D. Turner 474