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Volume 10

Content of Issue 10
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-010-10
Formal Specification of Computer-Based Systems M. Sveda, C. Rattray, J. W. Rozenblit 1354
A MOF-Based Metamodeling Environment M. J. Emerson, J. Sztipanovits, T. Bapty 1357
Platform Modeling and Model Transformations for Analysis T. Szemethy, G. Karsai 1383
Architectural Abstraction as Transformation of Poset Labelled Graphs M. Denford, A. Solomon, J. Leaney, T. O'Neill 1408
Synchronization Can Improve Reactive Systems Control and Modularity C. Cerschi Seceleanu, T. Seceleanu 1429
Tools for Parametric Verification. A Comparison on a Case Study P. MatouĊĦek 1469