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Volume 10

Content of Issue 7
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-010-07
8th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages - J.UCS Special Issue R. Dueire Lins 749
Total Functional Programming D. A. Turner 751
Partial Categorical Multi-Combinators and Church-Rosser Theorems R. Dueire Lins 769
A Modular Rewriting Semantics for CML F. Chalub, C. Braga 789
A Relational Model for Component Interconnection M.A. Barbosa, L. Soares Barbosa 808
Tactics for Remote Method Invocation F.M.Q. Pereira, M.T.d.O. Valente, W.S. Pires, R. da Silva Bigonha, M.A. da Silva Bigonha 824
Implementing Coordinated Error Recovery for Distributed Object-Oriented Systems with AspectJ F.C. Filho, C.M. F. Rubira 843
Snippets: Support for Drag-and-Drop Programming in the Redwood Environment B.T. Westphal, F. C. Harris, Jr., S.M. Dascalu 859
MetaJ: An Extensible Environment for Metaprogramming in Java A. Alvarenga de Oliveira, T. Henrique Braga, M.d.A. Maia, R. da Silva Bigonha 872
LuaInterface: Scripting the .NET CLR with Lua F. Mascarenhas, R. Ierusalimschy 892
Coroutines in Lua A. LĂșcia de Moura, N. Rodriguez, R. Ierusalimschy 910