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Volume 10

Content of Issue 9
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-010-09
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 1034
Incremental Maintenance of Data Warehouses Based on Past Temporal Logic Operators S. de Amo, M.H.F. Alves 1035
X-Global: a System for the "Almost Automatic" and Semantic Integration of XML Sources at Various Flexibility Levels P. De Meo, G. Terracina, D. Ursino 1065
What we Expect from Digital Libraries H. Dreher, H. Krottmaier, H. Maurer 1110
Object-Oriented Embedded System Development Based on Synthesis and Reuse of OO-ASIPs M. Goudarzi, S. Hessabi, A. Mycroft 1123
Symbolic Approach to the Analysis of Security Protocols S. Lafrance 1156
Fast Two-Stage Lempel-Ziv Lossless Numeric Telemetry Data Compression Using a Neural Network Predictor R. Logeswaran 1199
The Tiling of the Hyperbolic 4D Space by the 120-cell is Combinatoric M. Margenstern 1212
Full Hash Table Search using Primitive Roots of the Prime Residue Group Z/p J. R. Muehlbacher 1239
Rewriting Tissue P Systems M. Mutyam, V. Jaya Prakash, K. Krithivasan 1250
A Formal Model of Forth Control Words in the Pi-Calculus J. F. Power, D. Sinclair 1272
On the Decomposition of Boolean Functions via Boolean Equations S. Rudeanu 1294
ADDS: A Document-Oriented Approach for Application Development J. Luis Sierra, A. Fernández-Valmayor, B. Fernández-Manjón, A. Navarro 1302
Geometric Retrieval for Grid Points in the RAM Model S. Sioutas, C. Makris, N. Kitsios, G. Lagogiannis, J. Tsaknakis, K. Tsichlas, B. Vassiliadis 1325