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Volume 13

Content of Issue 2
Communicative Intelligence N.T. Nguyen, T. Nishida 133
Sustainable Memory System Using Global and Conical Spaces H. Kubota, S. Nomura, Y. Sumi, T. Nishida 135
Building Immersive Conversation Environment Using Locomotive Interactive Character R. Chan, J. Hoshino 149
Real-time Human Proxy: An Avatar-based Communication System D. Arita, R.-I. Taniguchi 161
Analysis of Conversation Quanta for Conversational Knowledge Circulation K. Saito, H. Kubota, Y. Sumi, T. Nishida 177
Entrainment in the Rate of Utterances in Speech Dialogs between Users and an Auto Response System T. Komatsu, K. Morikawa 186
Parameter Estimation of Systems Described by the Relation with Noisy Observations J. Świątek 199
An OWL Ontology of Set of Experience Knowledge Structure C. Sanin, E. Szczerbicki, C. Toro 209
Using Place Invariants and Test Point Placement to Isolate Faults in Discrete Event Systems I.G. Tabakow 224
Implementing Rule-Based Automated Price Negotiation in an Agent System C. Bădică, M. Ganzha, M. Paprzycki 244
Using Recommendation to Improve Negotiations in Agent-based Systems M. Lenar, J. Sobecki 267
Internet Path Behavior Prediction via Data Mining: Conceptual Framework and Case Study L. Borzemski 287
Deriving Consensus for Hierarchical Incomplete Ordered Partitions and Coverings M. Hernes, N.T. Nguyen 317
Consensus Determining with Dependencies of Attributes with Interval Values M. Zgrzywa 329