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Volume 13

Content of Issue 6
Selected Papers from SBLP 2007: The 11th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages R.S. Bigonha, M. Musicante 679
CML: C Modeling Language F. de Oliveira Jr., R. Lima, M. Cornelio, S. Soares, P. Maciel, R. Barreto, M. Oliveira Jr., E. Tavares 682
Constraint Programming Architectures: Review and a New Proposal J. Robin, J. Vitorino, A. Wolf 701
Logic Programming for Verification of Object-Oriented Programming Law Conditions L. de Freitas, M. Caraciolo, M. Cornélio 721
A Methodology for Removing LALR(k) Conflicts L. Teixeira Passos, M.A.S. Bigonha, R.S. Bigonha 737
Optimized Compilation of Around Advice for Aspect Oriented Programs E.S. Cordeiro, R.S. Bigonha, M.A.S. Bigonha, F. Tirelo 753
A Visual Language for Animated Simulation V.O. Di Iorio, D.P. Coura, L.V. Reis, M. Oikawa, C.R. Junior 767
RE-AspectLua - Achieving Reuse in AspectLua T. Batista, M. Vieira 786
Programming through Spreadsheets and Tabular Abstractions C.H.Q. Forster 806
A New Architecture for Concurrent Lazy Cyclic Reference Counting on Multi-Processor Systems A. de Araújo Formiga, R. Dueire Lins 817
Cyclic Reference Counting with Permanent Objects R. Dueire Lins, F.H. de Carvalho Júnior, Z. Dueire Lins 830
C APIs in Extension and Extensible Languages H. Muhammad, R. Ierusalimschy 839
Higher-Order Lazy Functional Slicing N.F. Rodrigues, L. Soares Barbosa 854
Open and Closed Worlds for Overloading: a Definition and Support for Coexistence C. Camarão, C. Vasconcellos, L. Figueiredo, J. Nicola 874
Using Visitor Patterns in Object-Oriented Action Semantics A. Murbach Maidl, C. Carvilhe, M.A. Musicante 891