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Volume 12

Content of Issue 9
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-012-09
Informatics in Higher Education A. Pethő, D. Sima 1085
Creation and Evaluation of Fuzzy Knowledge-base Á. Achs 1087
UML-Based Modeling of Data-oriented WEB Applications A. Adamkó 1104
The mobiDIÁK Educational Portal P. Antal, N. Bátfai, I. Fazekas, P. Jeszenszky 1118
Design and Implementation of Enum-Based Services B. Benyó, M.F. Hatwágner, T. Heckenast, K. Kovács, Á. Varga, N. Varjasi 1128
Performance Modeling of Proxy Cache Servers T. Bérczes, J. Sztrik 1139
Developing on Exact Quality and Classification System for Plant Improvement J. Berke, Z. Polgár, Z. Horváth, T. Nagy 1154
Extension of CQL over Dynamic Databases A. Buza 1165
Japlo: Rule-based Programming on Java M. Espák 1177
Analysing Data of Childhood Acute Lymphoid Leukaemia by Seasonal Time Series Methods M. Fazekas 1190
4M — Software for Modelling and Analysing Cropping Systems N. Fodor 1196
Modern Technologies in Client-Server Architecture for Geo-based Interactive Web Portals P. Gocek, M. Hartmann, H. Schleusener 1208
The Number of the Modulo n Roots of the Polynomial xvxv and the RSA J. Gonda 1215
The "MEDIP-Platform Independent Software System for Medical Image Processing" Project A. Hajdu, J. Kormos, Z. Lencse, L. Trón, M. Emri 1229
Applications of Neighborhood Sequence in Image Processing and Database Retrieval A. Hajdu, J. Kormos, T. Tóth, K. Veréb 1240
Course Modeling for Student Profile Based Flexible Higher Education on the Internet L. Horváth, I. Rudas 1254
Mathematical Models of Endocrine Systems I. Koós 1267
Construction of Wavelets and Applications I. László, F. Schipp, S.P. Kozaitis 1278
Resource Efficient Maintenance of Wireless Network Topologies T. Lukovszki, C. Schindelhauer, K. Volbert 1292
Membrane Computing and Graphical Operating Systems B. Nagy, L. Szegedi 1312
Parameter Estimation of the Cauchy Distribution in Information Theory Approach F. Nagy 1332
Phasetransition-like Changes in Human Visual Information Processing P. Nagy, I. Pintér, M. Bagány 1345
Primary School Teachers in the Information Society R. Sinka 1358
The Additional Examination of the Kudo-Mathuria Time-Release Protocol P. Takács 1373
Synthesis of Optimal Workflow Structure J. Tick, Z. Kovacs, F. Friedler 1385
Systems Engineering: A New Approach to Complex IT-based Technological Systems in Engineering Education T. Tóth, F. Erdélyi 1393
Computer Science, Logic, Informatics Education K.P. Varga, M. Várterész 1405