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Volume 12

Content of Issue 7
Selected Papers from SBLP 2006: The 10th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages M.A. Silva Bigonha, A. de Vasconcellos Garcia 762
The Design of the YAP Compiler: An Optimizing Compiler for Logic Programming Languages A.F. da Silva, V.S. Costa 764
Our Experiences with Optimizations in Sun's Java Just-In-Time Compilers A.F. da Silva, V.S. Costa 788
Detecting Bad Smells in AspectJ E. Kessler Piveta, M. Hecht, M. Soares Pimenta, R.T. Price 811
Program Slicing by Calculation N.F. Rodrigues, L. Soares Barbosa 828
The Language of the Visitor Design Pattern M. Schordan 849
Strong Mobility in Mobile Haskell A. Rauber Du Bois, P. Trinder, H.-W. Loidl 868
An Object Model for Interoperable Systems A. Calsavara, A. Borges, L. Nunes, D. Variani, C. Kolb 885
Expressing Workflow Patterns for Web Services: The Case of PEWS M.A. Musicante, E. Potrich 903
Generic Process Algebra: A Programming Challenge P.R. Ribeiro, M.A. Barbosa, L.S. Barbosa 922
Type-safe Versioned Object Query Language R. Machado, Á. Freitas Moreira, R. de Matos Galante, M. Moura Moro 938
Defining Atomic Composition in UML Behavioral Diagrams J. Pereira Machado, P. Blauth Menezes 958