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Volume 12 / Issue 9

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DOI:   10.3217/jucs-012-09-1128


Design and Implementation of Enum-Based Services

Balázs Benyó (Széchenyi István University, Hungary)

Miklós F. Hatwágner (Széchenyi István University, Hungary)

Tamás Heckenast (Széchenyi István University, Hungary)

Katalin Kovács (Széchenyi István University, Hungary)

Ágnes Varga (Széchenyi István University, Hungary)

Norbert Varjasi (Széchenyi István University, Hungary)

Abstract: ENUM is a technology based on a procedure that assigns a sequence of traditional telephone numbers to Internet domain names. It specifies a rule that makes it possible to relate a domain to a telephone number without any risk of ambiguity. This domain can then be used to identify various communication services like fax, mobile phone numbers, voice-mail systems, e-mail addresses, IP telephone addresses, web pages, GPS coordinates, call diverts or unified messaging. In our paper we deal with three main problem areas in connection with the business model of the ENUM service and with the introduction of new services, i.e. the questions of tariffs, legal regulations and financial return. For the ENUM procedure to spread out in use specific services have to be implemented that can exploit the advantages of the ENUM and efficient methods have to be elaborated to base existing services on ENUM. We will outline the two new services invented by our group and that we have implemented in our project.

Keywords: Domain Name System (DNS), E.164 telephone number, ENUM, ENUM client, ENUM procedure, ENUM-based service

Categories: C.2.2, C.3, H.4.3