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Topic C. - Computer Systems Organization

Y.R. Baca-Gomez, A. Martinez, P. Rosso, H. Estrada, D.I. Hernandez Farias:
Web Service SWePT: A Hybrid Opinion Mining Approach
page 671 - 690
Vol.22 / Issue 5
B. Benyó, M.F. Hatwágner, T. Heckenast, K. Kovács, Á. Varga, N. Varjasi:
Design and Implementation of Enum-Based Services
page 1128 - 1138
Vol.12 / Issue 9
E. Börger:
The Origins and the Development of the ASM Method for High Level System Design and Analysis
page 2 - 74
Vol.8 / Issue 1
L. Campanile, M. Iacono, F. Marulli, M. Mastroianni, N. Mazzocca:
Toward a Fuzzy-based Approach for Computational Load Offloading of IoT Devices
page 1455 - 1474
Vol.26 / Issue 11
M. Cankar, M. Artač, M. Šterk, U. Lotrič, B. Slivnik:
Co-Allocation with Collective Requests in Grid Systems
page 282 - 300
Vol.19 / Issue 3
R. Colomo-Palacios, E. Fernandes, M. Sabbagh, A. de Amescua Seco:
Human and Intellectual Capital Management in the Cloud: Software Vendor Perspective
page 1544 - 1557
Vol.18 / Issue 11
D. Domingos, F. Martins, C. Cândido, R. Martinho:
Internet of Things Aware WS-BPEL Business Processes Context Variables and Expected Exceptions
page 1109 - 1129
Vol.20 / Issue 8
V. Dvořák, P. Mikušek:
Design of Arbiters and Allocators Based on Multi-Terminal BDDs
page 1826 - 1852
Vol.16 / Issue 14
J. Díaz, E. Ros, R. Rodriguez-Gomez, B. del Pino:
Real-time Architecture for Robust Motion Estimation under Varying Illumination Conditions
page 363 - 376
Vol.13 / Issue 3
J. Entrialgo, J. García, J.L. Díaz, D.F. García:
Tools and Stochastic Metrics for Debugging Temporal Behaviour of Real-Time Systems
page 1563 - 1588
Vol.15 / Issue 8
J. Martínez Fernández, J.C. Augusto, G. Trombino, R. Seepold, N. Martinez Madrid:
Self-Aware Trader: A New Approach to Safer Trading
page 2292 - 2319
Vol.19 / Issue 15
P. Ginzboorg, V. Niemi:
Reachability in Restricted Walk on Integers
page 686 - 714
Vol.16 / Issue 5
M. Goudarzi, S. Hessabi, A. Mycroft:
Object-Oriented Embedded System Development Based on Synthesis and Reuse of OO-ASIPs
page 1123 - 1155
Vol.10 / Issue 9
J.L. Gutiérrez-Rivas, S. Holmbacka, M. Míndez-Macías, W. Lund, S. Lafond, J. Lilius, J. Díaz-Alonso:
Safe Motor Controller in a Mixed-Critical Environment with Runtime Updating Capabilities
page 177 - 205
Vol.21 / Issue 12
A.N. Harutyunyan, A.V. Poghosyan, N.M. Grigoryan, N.A. Hovhannisyan, N. Kushmerick:
On Machine Learning Approaches for Automated Log Management
page 925 - 945
Vol.25 / Issue 8
A.J. Jara, D. Fernandez, P. Lopez, M.A. Zamora, A.F. Skarmeta, L. Marin:
Evaluation of Bluetooth Low Energy Capabilities for Tele-mobile Monitoring in Home-care
page 1219 - 1241
Vol.19 / Issue 9
M. Kronenburg, C. Peper:
Application of the FOREST Approach to the Light Control Case Study
page 679 - 703
Vol.6 / Issue 7
N. Nedjah, L. de Macedo Mourelle:
Pareto-Optimal Hardware for Substitution Boxes
page 395 - 407
Vol.12 / Issue 4
A. Neyem, S.F. Ochoa, J.A. Pino:
Integrating Service-Oriented Mobile Units to Support Collaboration in Ad-hoc Scenarios
page 88 - 122
Vol.14 / Issue 1
I.G. Nikolakopoulos, C.Z. Patrikakis, A. Cimmino, M. Bauer, H. Olesen:
On the Personalization of Personal Networks - Service Provision Based on User Profiles
page 2353 - 2372
Vol.15 / Issue 12
J. Olivares:
Reconfigurable VBSME Architecture Using RBSAD
page 264 - 285
Vol.18 / Issue 2
L. Ordinez, D. Donari, R. Santos, J. Orozco:
Time is not Enough: Dealing with Behavior in Real-Time Systems
page 1572 - 1604
Vol.17 / Issue 11
M. Platzner, B. Rinner, R. Weiss:
Exploiting Parallelism in Constraint Satisfaction for Qualitative Simulation
page 811 - 820
Vol.1 / Issue 12
B. Rinner, M. Schmid, R. Weiss:
A Rapid Prototyping Environment for Multi-DSP Systems based on Accurate Performance Prediction
page 120 - 144
Vol.10 / Issue 2
J. Ruf:
RAVEN: Real-Time Analyzing and Verification Environment
page 89 - 104
Vol.7 / Issue 1
G. Smith, C. Fidge:
Incremental Development of Real-Time Requirements: The Light Control Case Study
page 704 - 730
Vol.6 / Issue 7
L. J. Steggles:
Specifying and Verifying Real-Time Systems using Second-Order Algebraic Methods: A Case Study of the Railroad Crossing Controller
page 460 - 473
Vol.6 / Issue 4
I.G. Tabakow:
Using Place Invariants and Test Point Placement to Isolate Faults in Discrete Event Systems
page 224 - 243
Vol.13 / Issue 2
H. Zhou, K.M. Hou, L. Gineste, C. De Vaulx, J. Ponsonnaille:
A New System Dedicated to Real-time Cardiac Arrhythmias Tele-assistance and Monitoring
page 30 - 44
Vol.12 / Issue 1