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Volume 21

Content of Issue 13
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-021-13
Information Retrieval and Recommender Systems F. Cacheda, J. Parapar 1706
Cross-Language Source Code Re-Use Detection Using Latent Semantic Analysis E. Flores, A. Barrón-Cedeño, L. Moreno, P. Rosso 1708
Learning to Choose the Best System Configuration in Information Retrieval: the Case of Repeated Queries A. Bigot, S. Déjean, J. Mothe 1726
An Interactive Design Pattern Selection Method N. Bouassida, S. Jamoussi, A. Msaed, H. Ben-Abdallah 1746
Statistical Analysis to Establish the Importance of Information Retrieval Parameters J. Ayter, A.-G. Chifu, S. Déjean, C. Desclaux, J. Mothe 1767
Queuing Theory-based Latency/Power Tradeoff Models for Replicated Search Engines A. Freire, C. Macdonald, N. Tonellotto, I. Ounis, F. Cacheda 1790
A Distributed Recommendation Platform for Big Data D. Valcarce, J. Parapar, Á. Barreiro 1810
Content-based Information Retrieval by Named Entity Recognition and Verb Semantic Role Labelling B. Antony J, G.S. Mahalakshmi 1830
Evaluating the Relative Performance of Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems H.J. Corona Pampín, H. Jerbi, M.P. O'Mahony 1849