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Volume 21

Content of Issue 11
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-021-11
Enabling Technologies and Business Infrastructures for Next Generation Social Media:
Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality
M.D. Lytras, W. Al-Halabi, J.X. Zhang, M. Masud, R.A. Haraty 1379
A Competence-based View on the Global Software Development Process P. Holtkamp, J.M. Pawlowski 1385
SKYWare: The Unavoidable Convergence of Software towards Runnable Knowledge I. Exman, J. Llorens, A. Fraga, J.M. Alvarez-Rodríguez 1405
Exploring the Impacts of Social Networking on Brand Image and Purchase Intention in Cyberspace H.-W. Wang, Y.-C.J. Wu, T.-P. Dong 1425
Synchronizing Data through Update Queries in Interoperable E-Health and Technology Enhanced Learning Data Sharing Systems M. Masud, M.S. Hossain, A. Alamri, A. Almogren, M. Zakariah 1439
PSO-Based Feature Selection for Arabic Text Summarization A.M. Al-Zahrani, H. Mathkour, H. Abdalla 1454
Analyzing the Multicriteria of the Interaction Design of an Educational Map Application for Digital TV from User Preferences D. Almeida Chagas, E. Sucupira Furtado, C. Loiola Brito Maia, P. Rogerio Pinheiro 1470
A Framework for Extraction of Relations from Text using Relational Learning and Similarity Measures M. Vargas-Vera 1482
A Visual Representation of Online Interaction Patterns M. Lucas, A. Moreira 1496
DWCMM: The Data Warehouse Capability Maturity Model M. Spruit, C. Sacu 1508