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Volume 21

Content of Issue 7
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-021-07
Managing Editor's Column C. Gütl 890
Naive Infinite Enumeration of Context-free Languages in Incremental Polynomial Time C.C. Florêncio, J. Daenen, J. Ramon, J. Van den Bussche, D. Van Dyck 891
A Model of Affect and Learning for Intelligent Tutors Y. Hernández, G. Arroyo-Figueroa, L.E. Sucar 912
Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Neural Cells from their Morphological Description A. Mendoza, S. Mata, L. Pastor 935
Assessing Learning Achievements when Reducing Mobile Video Quality A. Molnar, C. Hava Muntean 959
Tracking Data in Open Learning Environments J.L. Santos, K. Verbert, J. Klerkx, E. Duval, S. Charleer, S. Ternier 976