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Submission Procedure
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Volume 21

Content of Issue 8
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-021-08
Aligned, Embedded and Scalable Assessment Technologies D. Hernández-Leo, L. Vicent Safont 997
Introducing a Formative E-Assessment System to Improve Online Learning Experience and Performance E. Hettiarachchi, E. Mor, M.A. Huertas, A.-E. Guerrero-Roldán 1001
Helping Teachers Align Learning Objectives and Evidence:
Integration of ePortfolios in Distributed Learning Environments
A. Lozano-Alvarez, J.I. Asensio-Pérez, G. Vega-Gorgojo, A. Martínez-Monés 1022
Interoperability Framework for Competences and Learning Outcomes M.J.A. Gonçalves, Á. Rocha, M. Pérez Cota 1042
A Context-aware Approach for Personalized Mobile Self-Assessment A. Harchay, L. Cheniti-Belcadhi, R. Braham 1061
Virtual Learning Scenarios for Qualitative Assessment in Higher Education 3D Arts L. Vicent Safont, S. Villagrasa, D. Fonseca, E. Redondo 1086