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Volume 19

Content of Issue 1
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-019-01
Managing Editor's Column C. Gütl 1
From a Solution Model to a B Model for Verification of Safety Properties P. Bon, S. Collart-Dutilleul 2
Systematic Evaluation of Software Product Line Architectures E.A. Oliveira Junior, I.M.S. Gimenes, J.C. Maldonado, P.C. Masiero, L. Barroca 25
Deriving System Behavior from UML State Machine Diagram: Applied to Missile Project H.-S. Min, S.-M. Chung, J.-Y. Choi 53
Model-Driven Framework for Design and Production of Low-Budget Stereoscopic TV Content A. Spasić, D. Janković 78
An Aspect-Oriented Approach for Spatial Concerns in Web Applications M. Urbieta, G. Rossi, S.E. Gordillo, A. Rodrigues, J. Araujo, A. Moreira 110
Gyrolayout: A Hyperbolic Level-of-Detail Tree Layout D.K. Urribarri, S.M. Castro, S.R. Martig 132
A Catalog of Aspect Refactorings for Spring/AOP S.A. Vidal, C. Marcos 157