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Volume 19

Content of Issue 7
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-019-07
Interaction Design in Educational Environments A.S. Mashat, H.M. Fardoun, J.A. Gallud 851
The Implementation, Deployment and Evaluation of a Mobile Personal Learning Environment M.Á. Conde, F.J. García-Peñalvo, M. Alier, J. Piguillem 854
On the Development and Usability of a Diagram-based Collaborative Brainstorming Component D. Azevedo, B. Fonseca, H. Paredes, S. Lukosch, J. Janeiro, R.O. Briggs 873
Collaborative e-Learning through Drag & Share in Synchronous Shared Workspaces F.A. Marco, V.M. Penichet, J.A. Gallud 894
PETs at CSCL Service: Underutilised Potentials for Privacy Enhancing Distance Education M. Bourimi, D. Kesdogan, M. Heupel, D.e.D.I. Abou-Tair, N. Lambropoulos 912
Assessment of Open-Ended Questions using a Multidimensional Approach for the Interaction and Collaboration of Learners in E-Learning Environments L.P. Hoang, N. Arch-Int 932
Interactive Design System for Schools using Cloud Computing H.M. Fardoun, B. Zafar, A.H. Altalhi, A. Paules 950
A Proposal of an Architecture for Educational Environments J.E. Garrido, V.M.R. Penichet, M.D. Lozano 965
Collaboration and Learning Styles in Pure Online Courses: an Action Research M. Blagojević, M. Milosević 984
Examining the Educational User Interface, Technology and Pedagogy for Arabic Speaking Children in Kuwait A. Dhir, A. Alsumait 1003