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Stephan Lukosch

Referee for: H.5.2, H.5.3, K.4.2, K.4.3, L.5.1, L.6.2, L.7.0
Institution: University of Canterbury
Address: University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand

Curriculum Vitae:

Dr. rer. nat. Stephan Lukosch is professor at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. His current research focuses on designing engaging environments in mixed reality that address societal challenges with regard to safety, security, or health. Using mixed reality, he researches environments for virtual co-location in which individuals can virtually be at any place in the world and coordinate their activities with others and exchange their experiences. Using serious games, he researches on how to create effective training or assessment environments. In his research, he combines his recent results from intelligent and context-adaptive collaboration support, collaborative storytelling for knowledge elicitation and decision-making, and design patterns for computer-mediated interaction.

Main Research Interests:

  • Augmented, virtual and mixed reality
  • Applied immersive games
  • Designing for engagement