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Volume 15

Content of Issue 11
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-11
Software Components, Architectures and Reuse C. Werner, F. Oquendo 2138
An Approach for Estimating Execution Time Probability Distributions of Component-based Real-Time Systems R. Perrone, R. Macedo, G. Lima, V. Lima 2142
Distribution Pattern-driven Development of Service Architectures R. Barrett, C. Pahl 2166
Checking Semantics Equivalence of MDA Transformations in Concurrent Systems P. Barbosa, F. Ramalho, J. Figueiredo, A. JĂșnior, A. Costa, L. Gomes 2196
A Flexible Strategy-Based Model Comparison Approach: Bridging the Syntactic and Semantic Gap K. Oliveira, K. Breitman, T. Oliveira 2225
Assessment of the Design Modularity and Stability of Multi-Agent System Product Lines C. Nunes, U. Kulesza, C. Sant'Anna, I. Nunes, A. Garcia, C. Lucena 2254