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Volume 15 / Issue 11

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DOI:   10.3217/jucs-015-11-2196


Checking Semantics Equivalence of MDA Transformations in Concurrent Systems

Paulo Barbosa (Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil)

Franklin Ramalho (Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil)

Jorge Figueiredo (Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil)

Antonio Júnior (Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil)

Aniko Costa (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)

Luis Gomes (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)

Abstract: In a previous work we have proposed an extension to the four-layer MDAarchitecture promoting formal verification for semantics preserving model transformations. We analyzed semantics equivalence in transformations involving Platform Specific Models (PSM s). In this paper, considering concurrent systems domain, we show how this extended MDA architecture copes with the correctness verification of horizontal model transformations involving Platform Independent Models (PIM s). Our approach is supported by four formal techniques: behavioral equivalence relation, category the-ory, bisimulation and model-checking. This set of techniques allows the analysis of semantics equivalence between system model before and after transformation enablingthe decomposition of the system model into a set of concurrent sub-models, considered as components. The validation of our approach occurs in a net splitting operation,where PIM s are defined as Petri nets models according to the PNML metamodel with transformations representing formal operations in this domain.

Keywords: MDA, concurrent systems, formal semantics, petri nets, transformations

Categories: F.3.2, F.4.2, H.1, H.4.2