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Cliff B. Jones

Referee for: D.2, F.3
Institution: University of Newcastle
Address: Department of Computing Science
University of Newcastle
Newcastle upon Tyne
Ne1 7RU
United Kingdom

Curriculum Vitae:
Cliff Jones is one of the Professors of Computing Science at Newcastle. Within the School of Computing Science he acts as Research Director. Currently his own major research project is the five university IRC on "Dependability of Computer-Based Systems" of which he is overall Project Director.

Cliff has actually spent more of his career in industry than academia. Fifteen years in IBM saw among other things the creation with colleagues in Vienna of VDM which is one of the better known "formal methods". After that time he received a (late) Doctorate under Tony Hoare in Oxford in 1981 and immediately moved to a chair at Manchester University where he built a strong Formal Methods group which -among other projects- was the academic partner in the largest Alvey Software Engineering project (IPSE 2.5 created the "mural" theorem proving assistant). During his time at Manchester, Cliff had a 5-year "Senior Fellowship" and spent a sabbatical at Cambridge with the Newton Institute event on "Semantics". Much of his research at this time focused on formal (compositional) development methods for concurrent systems.

In 1996 he moved to Harlequin, directing some 50 developers on Information Management projects and finally became overall Technical Director before leaving to re-join academia in 1999.