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Volume 4

Content of Issue 1
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-01
Foreword to the Special Issue J.-M. Muller 1
Dynamical Control of Computations Using the Trapezoidal and Simpson's Rules J.-M. Chesneaux, F. Jézéquel 2
Java for Scientific Computing, Pros and Cons J.W.v. Gudenberg 11
Verified Quadrature in Determining Newton's Constant of Gravitation B. Lang 16
Reliable Computation of Elliptic Functions W. Luther, W. Otten 25
On the Algebra of Intervals and Convex Bodies S. M. Markov 34
Algebraic Solutions to a Class of Interval Equations E. D. Popova 48
Componentwise Distance to Singularity G. Rex 68
Modelling the Measurement Uncertainty by Intervals F. Zamora Wilke, B.R.T. Franciosi, P.W. Werlang Oliveira, D. Moraes Claudio 82