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Volume 4

Content of Issue 3
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-03
Advanced Educational Technologies - Promise and Puzzlement P. A. Carlson 210
Application and Assessment of Cognitive-Dissonance Theory in the Learning Process E. Aïmeur 216
A Comparative Evaluation of Print and Electronic Reviews of Multimedia Information Products K. Buckner, M. Gillham 248
Evaluating the Effectiveness of an ODL Hypermedia System and Courseware at the National Technical University of Athens: A Case Study V. Makrakis, S. Retalis, A. Koutoumanos, N. Papaspyrou, M. Skordalakis 259
Evaluating Educational Multimedia in the Context of Use S. McGee, B. Howard 273
Pedagogical Principles for Evaluation of Hypermedia-Based Learning Environments in Mathematics H. Ruokamo, S. Pohjolainen 292
Estimation Metrics for Courseware Maintenance Effort C. W. Thackaberry, R. Rada 308