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Volume 22

Content of Issue 3
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-022-03
Analyzing and Mining Social Networks for Decision Support I.-H. Ting, B. Birregah 298
Calculating Exact Diameter Metric of Large Static Graphs M. Sagharichian, M.A. Langouri, H. Naderi 302
A Domain Ontology in Social Networks for Identifying User Interest for Personalized Recommendations R.-C. Chen, Hendry, C.-Y. Huang 319
Going beyond your Personal Learning Network, Using Recommendations and Trust through a Multimedia Question-Answering Service for Decision-support: a Case Study in the Healthcare P. Santos, S. Dennerlein, D. Theiler, J. Cook, T. Treasure-Jones, D. Holley, M. Kerr, G. Attwell, D. Kowald, E. Lex 340
A Dynamic Model of Reposting Information Propagation Based on Empirical Analysis and Markov Process G.-X. Luo, Y. Liu, Z.-Y. Zhang 360
Social Media Battles: their Impact during the 2014 Greek Municipal Elections G. Lappas, A. Triantafillidou, P. Yannas, A. Kavada, A. Kleftodimos, O. Vasileiadou 375
Mining Social Networks for Calculation of SmartSocial Influence V. Smailovic, V. Podobnik 394
Fuzzy Modeling of User Behaviors and Virtual Goods Purchases in Social Networking Platforms J. Jankowski, K. Kolomvatsos, P. Kazienko, J. Wątróbski 416
Detection of the Spiral of Silence Effect in Social Media I.-H. Ting 438