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Volume 22

Content of Issue 6
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-022-06
Computational Intelligence Tools for Processing Collective Data N.T. Nguyen, I. Czarnowski, D. Hwang 735
Automatic Generation of Interactive Cooking Video with Semantic Annotation K.-J. Oh, M.-D. Hong, U.-N. Yoon, G.-S. Jo 742
A Proposal for Recommendation of Feature Selection Algorithm based on Data Set Characteristics S. Goswami, A. Chakrabarti, B. Chakraborty 760
TwiSNER: Semi-supervised Method for Named Entity Recognition from Text Streams on Twitter V.C. Tran, D. Hwang, J.J. Jung 782
Using Soft Set Theory for Mining Maximal Association Rules in Text Data B. Vo, T. Tran, T.-P. Hong, N.L. Minh 802
A Quick Method for Querying Top-k Rules from Class Association Rule Set L.T. Nguyen, N.-T. Nguyen, B. Trawiński 822
Parameterized and Dynamic Generation of an Infinite Virtual Terrain with Various Biomes using Extended Voronoi Diagram K. Choroś, J. Topolski 836
PLA Based Strategy for Solving RCPSP by a Team of Agents P. Jędrzejowicz, E. Ratajczak-Ropel 856
Improving Performance of the Differential Evolution Algorithm Using Cyclic Decloning and Changeable Population Size P. Jędrzejowicz, A. Skakovski 874