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Volume 22

Content of Issue 1
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-022-01
Future Trends in Computing Technology in Education J. García Laborda, H. Uzunboylu, S. Ross 1
Determination of Secondary School Students' Attitudes towards Tablet PC Supported Education F. Ozdamli, T. Tavukcu 4
Towards a Semantic Repository for Learning Objects: Design and Evaluation of Core Services J.C. Gluz, E.L. Silveira, L.R. Jardim da Silva, J.L.V. Barbosa 16
Applying Inter-methodological Concepts for Enhancing Media Literacy Competences C. Marta-Lazo, E. Hergueta-Covacho, J.A. Gabelas-Barroso 37
How Could MOOCs Become Accessible?
The Case of edX and the Future of Inclusive Online Learning
S. Sanchez-Gordon, S. Lujan-Mora 55
Validity and Reliability of Tablet Supported Education Attitude and Usability Scale H. Uzunboylu, V. Tugun 82
Mining Models for Automated Quality Assessment of Learning Objects C. Cechinel, S. da Silva Camargo, M.-Á. Sicilia, S. Sánchez-Alonso 94
Looking towards the Future of Language Assessment: Usability of Tablet PCs in Language Testing J. García Laborda, T.M. Royo, M. Bakieva 114
Analyzing Communication Dimensions in a Ubiquitous Learning Environment D. Karahoca, A. Karahoca, A. Kurnaz 124
A Study on Developing a Scale for Determining the Educational Usage of Mobile Communication Apps Z. Ozcinar, N. Ekizoglu, S. Kanbul 146