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Volume 17

Content of Issue 12
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-017-12
Virtual Environments for Collaborative Innovation and Learning S. Retalis, P.B. Sloep 1634
Investigating Collaborative Innovation in a Virtual World Task P. Vahey, J. Brecht, C. Patton, K. Rafanan, B. Haugan Cheng 1638
What's in it for me? Recommendation of Peers in Networked Innovation R.L. Sie, M. Bitter-Rijpkema, P.B. Sloep 1659
360° Open Creativity Support M. Brocco, F. Forster, M.R. Frieß 1673
Recommending Open Linked Data in Creativity Sessions using Web Portals with Collaborative Real Time Environment P. Dolog, F. Durao, K. Jahn, Y. Lin, D. Kjaersgaard Peitersen 1690
Enhancing the Collective Knowledge for the Engineering of Ontologies in Open and Socially Constructed Learning Spaces K. Kotis, A. Papasalouros, G. Vouros, N. Pappas, K. Zoumpatianos 1710
A Context Aware Recommender System for Creativity Support Tools G.A. Sielis, C. Mettouris, G.A. Papadopoulos, A. Tzanavari, R.M. Dols, Q. Siebers 1743