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Tomasz Kowaltowski

Referee for: D.3, E.1, H.3.1, I.7.1,
Institution: University of Campinas
Address: Institute of Computing
University of Campinas
Av. Albert Einstein, 1251
13083-852 Campinas, SP
Home Page: http://www.ic.unicamp.br/~tomasz/

Curriculum Vitae:

Born in the former USSR in 1942. Primary and secondary education in Poland (1949-1958) and Brazil (1959-1961). Undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) (1962-1966). MA and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley (1969-1973). Instructor and Assistant Professor (1967-1977) at the University of Sao Paulo, Associate Professor (1977-1988) and Professor (since 1988) at the State University of Campinas (Brazil). Visiting Associate Professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara (1981) and Georgia Institute of Technology (1985/86). Retired from the University in 2002, but continues as a voluntary faculty member and as a consultant to some software companies.

Main Research Interests:

  • Design and implementation of programming languages
  • Efficient data structures and algorithms applied to text and language processing
  • Education in computer science