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Articles by Topics
Topic H. - Information Systems
Topic H.3.5 - Online Information Services

P. Adamopoulou, E. Sakkopoulos, A. Tsakalidis, M.D. Lytras:
Web Service Selection based on QoS Knowledge Management
page 1138 - 1156
Vol.13 / Issue 9
S. Ahmed, S. Park, J.J. Jung, S. Kang:
A Personalized URL Re-ranking Method using Psychological User Browsing Characteristics
page 926 - 940
Vol.15 / Issue 4
M. Al-Ayyoub, H. Al-Sarhan, M. Al-So'ud, M. Al-Smadi, Y. Jararweh:
Framework for Affective News Analysis of Arabic News: 2014 Gaza Attacks Case Study
page 327 - 352
Vol.23 / Issue 3
M. Al-Smadi, M. Al-Ayyoub, H. Al-Sarhan, Y. Jararweh:
An Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Approach to Evaluating Arabic News Affect on Readers
page 630 - 649
Vol.22 / Issue 5
A. Alamri, G. Muhammad, A.A. Al Elaiwi, K.N. Al-Mutib, M.S. Hossain:
Media Content Adaptation Framework for Technology Enhanced Mobile e-Learning
page 2016 - 2023
Vol.20 / Issue 15
P. Antal, N. Bátfai, I. Fazekas, P. Jeszenszky:
The mobiDIÁK Educational Portal
page 1118 - 1127
Vol.12 / Issue 9
M. Arrue, M. Vigo, J. Abascal:
Supporting the Development of Accessible Web Applications
page 2699 - 2719
Vol.14 / Issue 16
G. Attardi, S.D. Marco, D. Salvi:
Categorisation by Context
page 719 - 736
Vol.4 / Issue 9
Y.R. Baca-Gomez, A. Martinez, P. Rosso, H. Estrada, D.I. Hernandez Farias:
Web Service SWePT: A Hybrid Opinion Mining Approach
page 671 - 690
Vol.22 / Issue 5
R.K. Behera, S. Das, S.K. Rath, S. Misra, R. Damasevicius:
Comparative Study of Real Time Machine Learning Models for Stock Prediction through Streaming Data
page 1128 - 1147
Vol.26 / Issue 9
J. Blythe, D. Kapoor, C.A. Knoblock, K. Lerman, S. Minton:
Information Integration for the Masses
page 1811 - 1837
Vol.14 / Issue 11
C.-L. Botha, E. Kritzinger, M. Loock:
A Framework for the Comparison of Best Practice Recommendations and Legal Requirements for South African Banks
page 845 - 856
Vol.18 / Issue 6
J.G. Boticario, A. Rodriguez-Ascaso, O.C. Santos, E. Raffenne, L. Montandon, D. Roldán, F. Buendía:
Accessible Lifelong Learning at Higher Education: Outcomes and Lessons Learned at two Different Pilot Sites in the EU4ALL Project
page 62 - 85
Vol.18 / Issue 1
J.G. Boticario, O.C. Santos:
A Standards-based Modelling Approach for Dynamic Generation of Adaptive Learning Scenarios
page 2859 - 2876
Vol.14 / Issue 17
G. Brzykcy, J. Bartoszek, T. Pankowski:
Schema Mappings and Agents' Actions in P2P Data Integration System
page 1048 - 1060
Vol.14 / Issue 7
N. Buckley, A.K. Nagar, S. Arumugam:
On Real-valued Visual Cryptographic Basis Matrices
page 1536 - 1562
Vol.21 / Issue 12
B. Burkard, G. Vogeler, S. Gruner:
Informatics for Historians: Tools for Medieval Document XML Markup, and their Impact on the History-Sciences
page 193 - 210
Vol.14 / Issue 2
K. Böhm, G. Heyer, U. Quasthoff, C. Wolff:
Topic Map Generation Using Text Mining
page 623 - 633
Vol.8 / Issue 6
A. Cabanas-Abascal, E. García-Machicado, L. Prieto-González, A. de Amescua Seco:
An Item based Geo-Recommender System Inspired by Artificial Immune Algorithms
page 2013 - 2033
Vol.19 / Issue 13
F. Cao, B.R. Bryant, R.R. Raje, A.M. Olson, M. Auguston, W. Zhao, C.C. Burt:
A Non-Invasive Approach to Assertive and Autonomous Dynamic Component Composition in the Service-Oriented Paradigm
page 1645 - 1675
Vol.11 / Issue 10
W. Chamlertwat, P. Bhattarakosol, T. Rungkasiri, C. Haruechaiyasak:
Discovering Consumer Insight from Twitter via Sentiment Analysis
page 973 - 992
Vol.18 / Issue 8
J. Chen, Q. Jin, R. Huang:
Goal-Driven Process Navigation for Individualized Learning Activities in Ubiquitous Networking and IoT Environments
page 1132 - 1151
Vol.18 / Issue 9
A. Choi, H. Shin:
Longitudinal Healthcare Data Management Platform of Healthcare IoT Devices for Personalized Services
page 1153 - 1169
Vol.24 / Issue 9
J. Choi, G. Lee, J. Moon:
Web Context Classification Based on Information Quality Factors
page 2232 - 2251
Vol.16 / Issue 16
O. Danylevych, D. Karastoyanova, F. Leymann:
Service Networks Modelling: An SOA & BPM Standpoint
page 1668 - 1693
Vol.16 / Issue 13
P. Dinis, A. Rodrigues da Silva:
Application Scenarios for the Learning Objects Pool
page 1455 - 1471
Vol.15 / Issue 7
J. Pascual Espada, O. Sanjuán Martínez, B.C. Pelayo G-Bustelo, J.M. Cueva Lovelle, P. Ordóñez de Pablos:
A Simple Model Based on Web Services to Exchange Context Information between Web Browsers and Web Applications
page 1410 - 1431
Vol.18 / Issue 11
J.I. Fernández-Villamor, C.Á. Iglesias, M. Garijo:
A Metadirectory of Web Components for Mashup Composition
page 2407 - 2431
Vol.18 / Issue 17
Á. Fidalgo, M.L. Sein-Echaluce, D. Lerís, O. Castañeda:
Teaching Innova Project: the Incorporation of Adaptable Outcomes in Order to Grade Training Adaptability
page 1500 - 1521
Vol.19 / Issue 11
H.M. Teixeira Filho, L. Guerreiro Azevedo, S.W. Matsui Siqueira:
IntelliGOV - A Semantic Approach for Compliance Validation of Service-Oriented Architectures
page 1048 - 1071
Vol.22 / Issue 8
C.K. Georgiadis, N. Polatidis, H. Mouratidis, E. Pimenidis:
A Method for Privacy-preserving Collaborative Filtering Recommendations
page 146 - 166
Vol.23 / Issue 2
P. Gocek, M. Hartmann, H. Schleusener:
Modern Technologies in Client-Server Architecture for Geo-based Interactive Web Portals
page 1208 - 1214
Vol.12 / Issue 9
T. Grigalis, A. Čenys:
Unsupervised Structured Data Extraction from Template-generated Web Pages
page 169 - 192
Vol.20 / Issue 2
J. Hellmers, T. Wriedt:
Classification of Software for the Simulation of Light Scattering and Realization within an Internet Information Portal
page 1176 - 1189
Vol.16 / Issue 9
C. El Hog, R. Ben Djemaa, I. Amous:
A User-Aware Approach to Provide Adaptive Web Services
page 944 - 963
Vol.20 / Issue 6
Z. Hulicki:
Drives and Barriers for Development of Broadband Access - CE Perspective
page 717 - 730
Vol.14 / Issue 5
D. Hwang, N.T. Nguyen, J.J. Jung, A. Sadeghi-Niaraki, K.-H. Baek, Y.-S. Han:
A Semantic Wiki Framework for Reconciling Conflict Collaborations Based on Selecting Consensus Choice
page 1024 - 1035
Vol.16 / Issue 7
J. Hwang, Y. Lee, S. Kim:
Modelling Weblog Success: Case of Korea
page 1589 - 1606
Vol.15 / Issue 8
M.J. Fernández Iglesias, L.M. Álvarez Sabucedo:
From Analog to Digital Television; Strategies to Promote Rapid Adaptation and Awareness
page 1056 - 1074
Vol.16 / Issue 8
J.J. Jung:
On Sustainability of Context-Aware Services Among Heterogeneous Smart Spaces
page 1745 - 1760
Vol.16 / Issue 13
J.J. Jung:
Integrating Social Networks for Context Fusion in Mobile Service Platforms
page 2099 - 2110
Vol.16 / Issue 15
J.J. Jung:
Query Transformation Based on Semantic Centrality in Semantic Social Network1
page 1031 - 1047
Vol.14 / Issue 7
M.S. Khan, N. Kulathuramaiyer, H. Maurer:
Applications of Mash-ups for a Digital Journal
page 1695 - 1716
Vol.14 / Issue 10
C. Kim, J.-Y. Jung, H.-C. Zin, J.J. Jung:
An Application of Meta Search Agent System Based on Semantized Tags for Enhanced Web Searching
page 2400 - 2415
Vol.14 / Issue 14
J. Kolbitsch, H. Maurer:
The Transformation of the Web: How Emerging Communities Shape the Information we Consume
page 187 - 213
Vol.12 / Issue 2
A. Krouska, C. Troussas, M. Virvou:
Comparative Evaluation of Algorithms for Sentiment Analysis over Social Networking Services
page 755 - 768
Vol.23 / Issue 8
N. Kulathuramaiyer:
Mashups: Emerging Application Development Paradigm for a Digital Journal
page 531 - 542
Vol.13 / Issue 4
J. L. Kulikowski:
Creation of Information Profiles in Distributed Databasesas a Game Problem
page 271 - 284
Vol.11 / Issue 2
A. Köhler, F. Fuchs-Kittowski:
Integration of Communities into Process-Oriented Structures
page 410 - 425
Vol.11 / Issue 3
G. Lappas, A. Triantafillidou, P. Yannas, A. Kavada, A. Kleftodimos, O. Vasileiadou:
Social Media Battles: their Impact during the 2014 Greek Municipal Elections
page 375 - 393
Vol.22 / Issue 3
L. Li, Y. Wang, E.-P. Lim:
Trust-Oriented Composite Service Selection with QoS Constraints
page 1720 - 1744
Vol.16 / Issue 13
M. Linaje, J.C. Preciado, F. Sánchez-Figueroa:
Multi-Device Context-Aware RIAs Using a Model-Driven Approach
page 2038 - 2059
Vol.16 / Issue 15
M. Ljubojević, V. Vasković, D. Starčević:
The Analysis of the Users' Response to the Linear Internet Video Advertising by Using QoE Methods
page 1736 - 1760
Vol.19 / Issue 12
N.T. Luong, T.T. Nguyen, D. Hwang, C.H. Lee, J.J. Jung:
Similarity-based Complex Publication Network Analytics for Recommending Potential Collaborations
page 871 - 889
Vol.21 / Issue 6
R. Martínez-España, A. Bueno-Crespo, I. Timón, J. Soto, A. Muñoz, J.M. Cecilia:
Air-Pollution Prediction in Smart Cities through Machine Learning Methods: A Case of Study in Murcia, Spain
page 261 - 276
Vol.24 / Issue 3
G. Mecca, M. Santomauro, D. Santoro, E. Veltri:
Middleware-Oriented Government Interoperability Frameworks: A Comparison
page 1543 - 1563
Vol.20 / Issue 11
M. Memmel, M. Kockler, R. Schirru:
Providing Multi Source Tag Recommendations in a Social Resource Sharing Platform
page 678 - 691
Vol.15 / Issue 3
H. Mezni, W. Chainbi, K. Ghedira:
Extending Policy Languages for Expressing the Self-Adaptation of Web Services
page 1130 - 1151
Vol.20 / Issue 8
F. Mödritscher, Z. Petrushyna, E.L.-C. Law:
The Application of Pattern Repositories for Sharing PLE Practices in Networked Communities
page 1492 - 1510
Vol.17 / Issue 10
S. Natesan, R. Krishnan:
Energy Efficient Composite Metric Based Routing Protocol for Internet of Things
page 1366 - 1381
Vol.26 / Issue 11
R. Barbosa Sousa Orrego, J.L.V. Barbosa:
A Model for Resource Management in Smart Cities Based on Crowdsourcing and Gamification
page 1018 - 1038
Vol.25 / Issue 8
S. Ortiz-Ángeles, Y. Villuendas-Rey, I. López-Yáñez, O. Camacho-Nieto, C. Yáñez-Márquez:
Electoral Preferences Prediction of the YouGov Social Network Users Based on Computational Intelligence Algorithms
page 304 - 326
Vol.23 / Issue 3
L. Panizo, R.-Á. Fernández, L. Sánchez:
A WebQuest Framework to Improve the Study of Deadlock and Process Synchronization
page 932 - 937
Vol.13 / Issue 7
U. Panniello, L. Ardito, A. Messeni Petruzzelli:
Does the Users' Tendency to Seek Information Affect Recommender Systems' Performance?
page 187 - 207
Vol.23 / Issue 2
R. Pastor, A.C. Caminero, D. Sánchez, R. Hernández, S. Ros, A. Robles-Gómez, L. Tobarra:
Laboratories as a Service (LaaS): Using Cloud Technologies in the Field of Education
page 2112 - 2126
Vol.19 / Issue 14
C. Pedrinaci, J. Domingue:
Toward the Next Wave of Services: Linked Services for the Web of Data
page 1694 - 1719
Vol.16 / Issue 13
X.H. Pham, J.J. Jung, N.T. Nguyen:
Integrating Multiple Experts for Correction Process in InteractiveRecommendation Systems
page 581 - 599
Vol.19 / Issue 4
X.H. Pham, J.J. Jung, D. Hwang:
Beating Social Pulse: Understanding Information Propagation via Online Social Tagging Systems
page 1022 - 1031
Vol.18 / Issue 8
J.C. Preciado, M. Linaje, F. Sanchez-Figueroa:
Adapting Web 1.0 User Interfaces to Web 2.0 Multidevice User Interfaces using RUX-Method
page 2239 - 2254
Vol.14 / Issue 13
B. Predic, D. Stojanovic:
Localized Processing and Analysis of Accelerometer Data in Detecting Traffic Events and Driver Behaviour
page 1152 - 1176
Vol.18 / Issue 9
D. Pérez-González, R. Díaz-Díaz:
Public Services Provided with ICT in the Smart City Environment: The Case of Spanish Cities
page 248 - 267
Vol.21 / Issue 2
M. Rady:
Generating an Excerpt of a Service Level Agreement from a Formal Definition of Non-Functional Aspects Using OWL
page 366 - 384
Vol.20 / Issue 3
M. García Rodríguez, J.M. Alvarez Rodríguez, D. Berrueta Muñoz, L. Polo Paredes, J.E. Labra Gayo, P. Ordóñez de Pablos:
Towards a Practical Solution for Data Grounding in a Semantic Web Services Environment
page 1576 - 1597
Vol.18 / Issue 11
L.M. Álvarez Sabucedo, L. Anido Rifón:
Locating and Crawling eGovernment Services
A Light-weight Semantic Approach
page 1117 - 1137
Vol.16 / Issue 8
C. Safran, F. Kappe:
Success Factors in a Weblog Community
page 546 - 556
Vol.14 / Issue 4
J.L. Santos, K. Verbert, J. Klerkx, E. Duval, S. Charleer, S. Ternier:
Tracking Data in Open Learning Environments
page 976 - 996
Vol.21 / Issue 7
J. Sobecki:
Consensus-Based Hybrid Adaptation of Web Systems User Interfaces
page 250 - 270
Vol.11 / Issue 2
G. Somprasertsri, P. Lalitrojwong:
Mining Feature-Opinion in Online Customer Reviews for Opinion Summarization
page 938 - 955
Vol.16 / Issue 6
M. Spaniol, R. Klamma, M. Lux:
Imagesemantics: User-Generated Metadata, Content Based Retrieval & Beyond
page 1792 - 1807
Vol.14 / Issue 10
A. Taweel, A. Rector, J. Rogers:
A Collaborative Biomedical Research System
page 80 - 98
Vol.12 / Issue 1
H. Thimm, K. Boye Rasmussen:
Information Support Services for Intermediation Tasks of Collaborative Networks
page 1776 - 1800
Vol.16 / Issue 13
I.-H. Ting, P.S. Chang, S.-L. Wang:
Understanding Microblog Users for Social Recommendation Based on Social Networks Analysis
page 554 - 576
Vol.18 / Issue 4
S.L. Toral, R. Martínez Torres, F. Barrero:
Modelling Mailing List Behaviour in Open Source Projects: the Case of ARM Embedded Linux
page 648 - 664
Vol.15 / Issue 3
Q.D. Tran, J.E. Jung:
CoCharNet: Extracting Social Networks using Character Co-occurrence in Movies
page 796 - 815
Vol.21 / Issue 6
R. Trillo, J. Gracia, M. Espinoza, E. Mena:
Discovering the Semantics of User Keywords
page 1908 - 1935
Vol.13 / Issue 12
M.A. Vega-Rodríguez, J.A. Gómez-Pulido, J.M. Sánchez-Pérez:
Case Studies in Tele-Education: Research and Projects
page 1555 - 1567
Vol.11 / Issue 9
H.D. Vianna, J.L.V. Barbosa:
Pompilos, a Model for Augmenting Health Assistant Applications with Social Media Content
page 4 - 32
Vol.26 / Issue 1
M. Vidal, A.S. da Silva, E.S. de Moura, J.M. Cavalcanti:
Structure-Based Crawling in the Hidden Web
page 1857 - 1876
Vol.14 / Issue 11
G.N. Vo, R. Lai:
A Secure Multi-Layer e-Document Method for Improving e-Government Processes
page 1583 - 1604
Vol.20 / Issue 11
G. Wurzinger:
Information Consolidation in Large Bodies of Information
page 3314 - 3323
Vol.16 / Issue 21
A. Zygmunt, P. Bródka, P. Kazienko, J. Koźlak:
Key Person Analysis in Social Communities within the Blogosphere
page 577 - 597
Vol.18 / Issue 4
J.P. Dias de Almeida, F. Araújo Durão, A. Fortes da Costa:
Enhancing Spatial Keyword Preference Query with Linked Open Data
page 1561 - 1581
Vol.24 / Issue 11
P. de Lange, P. Nicolaescu, J. Benscheid, R. Klamma:
Integrating 3D Objects in Collaborative Non-Linear Storytelling on the Web
page 1608 - 1624
Vol.25 / Issue 12
F.G. Alvares de Oliveira Jr., J.M. Parente de Oliveira:
QoS-based Approach for Dynamic Web Service Composition
page 712 - 741
Vol.17 / Issue 5