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Volume 17 / Issue 5

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DOI:   10.3217/jucs-017-05-0712


QoS-based Approach for Dynamic Web Service Composition

Frederico G. Alvares de Oliveira Jr. (São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil)

José M. Parente de Oliveira (São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil)

Abstract: Web Services have become a standard for integration of systems in distributed environments. By using a set of open interoperability standards, they allow computer-computer interaction, regardless the programming languages and operating systems used. The Semantic Web Services, by its turn, make use of ontologies to describe their functionality in a more structural manner, allowing computers to reason about the information required and provided by them. Such a description also allows dynamic composition of several Web Services, when only one is not able to provide the desired functionality. There are scenarios, however, in which only the functional correctness is not enough to fulfill the user requirements, and a minimum level of quality should be guaranteed by their providers. In this context, this work presents an approach for dynamic Web Service composition that takes into account the composition overall quality. The proposed approach relies on a heuristics to efficiently perform the composition. In order to show the feasibility of the proposed approach, a Web Service composition application prototype was developed and experimented with public test sets, along with another approach that does not consider quality in the composition process. The results have shown that the proposed approach in general finds compositions with more quality, within a reasonable processing time.

Keywords: Quality of Service, Semantic Web Service, Web Service Composition

Categories: H.3, H.3.5