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Volume 19 / Issue 4

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DOI:   10.3217/jucs-019-04-0581


Integrating Multiple Experts for Correction Process in InteractiveRecommendation Systems

Xuan Hau Pham (Quang Binh University, Vietnam)

Jason J. Jung (Yeungnam University, Korea)

Ngoc Thanh Nguyen (Vietnam National University, Vietnam)

Abstract: User rating is obviously considered to be an important type of feedback informationfor Interactive Recommendation System (RecSys). The quality and credibility of user ratings will eventually influence the quality of recommendation. However, in the real world, there areusually many inconsistent (e.g., mistakes and missing values) or incorrect user ratings. Therefore, expert-based recommendation framework has been studied to select the most relevant expertsregarding a certain item's attribute (or value). This kind of RecSys can i) discover user preferenceand ii) determine a set of experts based on attributes and values of items. In this paper, wepropose a consensual recommendation framework, by integrating multiple experts' ratings, to conduct a correction process which aims at modifying the ratings of other users in order to makethe system more effective. Since our work assumes that ratings from experts are assumed to be reliable and correct, we first analyze user profile so as to determine preferences and find out aset of experts. Next, we measure a minimal inconsistency interval (MinIncInt) that might contain incorrect ratings. Finally, we propose solutions to correct incorrect ratings based on ratings frommultiple experts. The results show that our solutions can improve both the ratings and the quality of RecSys on the whole.

Keywords: RecSys, consensus, experts, incorrect rating, interactive recommendation systems, user preference

Categories: H.1.1, H.3.5, I.2.11