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Articles by Topics
Topic H. - Information Systems
Topic H.1.2 - User/Machine Systems

D. Anguita, A. Ghio, L. Oneto, X. Parra, J.L. Reyes-Ortiz:
Energy Efficient Smartphone-Based Activity Recognition using Fixed-Point Arithmetic
page 1295 - 1314
Vol.19 / Issue 9
R.F. Arroyo, M. Gea, J.L. Garrido, P.A. Haya:
Development of Ambient Intelligence Systems Based on Collaborative Task Models
page 1545 - 1559
Vol.14 / Issue 9
R.K. Behera, S. Das, S.K. Rath, S. Misra, R. Damasevicius:
Comparative Study of Real Time Machine Learning Models for Stock Prediction through Streaming Data
page 1128 - 1147
Vol.26 / Issue 9
A.M. Bernardos, L. Bergesio, J. Iglesias, J.R. Casar:
MECCANO: a Mobile-Enabled Configuration Framework to Coordinate and Augment Networks of Smart Objects
page 2503 - 2525
Vol.19 / Issue 17
B. Blankertz, G. Dornhege, S. Lemm, M. Krauledat, G. Curio, K.-R. Müller:
The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface:
Machine Learning Based Detection of User Specific Brain States
page 581 - 607
Vol.12 / Issue 6
L. Borzemski:
Internet Path Behavior Prediction via Data Mining: Conceptual Framework and Case Study
page 287 - 316
Vol.13 / Issue 2
J.G. Boticario, A. Rodriguez-Ascaso, O.C. Santos, E. Raffenne, L. Montandon, D. Roldán, F. Buendía:
Accessible Lifelong Learning at Higher Education: Outcomes and Lessons Learned at two Different Pilot Sites in the EU4ALL Project
page 62 - 85
Vol.18 / Issue 1
J. Bravo, R. Hervás, I. Sánchez, G. Chavira, S. Nava:
Visualization Services in a Conference Context: An Approach by RFID Technology
page 270 - 283
Vol.12 / Issue 3
S. Buckingham Shum:
Negotiating the Construction and Reconstruction of Organisational Memories
page 899 - 928
Vol.3 / Issue 8
A. Cabanas-Abascal, E. García-Machicado, L. Prieto-González, A. de Amescua Seco:
An Item based Geo-Recommender System Inspired by Artificial Immune Algorithms
page 2013 - 2033
Vol.19 / Issue 13
J. Caffarel, S. Jie, J. Olloqui, R. Martínez, A. Santamaría:
Implementation of a Building Automation System Based on Semantic Modeling
page 2543 - 2558
Vol.19 / Issue 17
J. Cañas:
Cognitive Ergonomics in Interface Development Evaluation
page 2630 - 2649
Vol.14 / Issue 16
G. Chavira, J. Bravo, S.W. Nava-Díaz, J.C. Rolón:
PICTAC: A Model for Perceiving Touch Interaction through Tagging Context
page 1577 - 1591
Vol.16 / Issue 12
J. Choi, G. Lee, J. Moon:
Web Context Classification Based on Information Quality Factors
page 2232 - 2251
Vol.16 / Issue 16
A. Dix, J. Leavesley:
Learning Analytics for the Academic: An Action Perspective
page 48 - 65
Vol.21 / Issue 1
S. Felemban, M. Gardner, V. Callaghan, A. Pena-Rios:
Mixed Agents Virtual Observation Lenses for Immersive Learning Environments
page 171 - 191
Vol.24 / Issue 2
J. Martínez Fernández, J.C. Augusto, G. Trombino, R. Seepold, N. Martinez Madrid:
Self-Aware Trader: A New Approach to Safer Trading
page 2292 - 2319
Vol.19 / Issue 15
C.H.Q. Forster:
Programming through Spreadsheets and Tabular Abstractions
page 806 - 816
Vol.13 / Issue 6
A.C.B. Garcia, A.S. Vivacqua, T.C. Tavares:
Enabling Crowd Participation in Governmental Decision-making
page 1931 - 1950
Vol.17 / Issue 14
M. García-Herranz, P. Haya, X. Alamán:
Towards a Ubiquitous End-User Programming System for Smart Spaces
page 1633 - 1649
Vol.16 / Issue 12
M. García-Herranz, P.A. Haya, A. Esquivel, G. Montoro, X. Alamán:
Easing the Smart Home: Semi-automatic Adaptation in Perceptive Environments
page 1529 - 1544
Vol.14 / Issue 9
D. Gong, X. Yao, J. Yuan:
Interactive Genetic Algorithms with Individual Fitness Not Assigned by Human
page 2446 - 2462
Vol.15 / Issue 13
D. Griffiths, M. Johnson, K. Popat, P. Sharples, S. Wilson:
The Wookie Widget Server: a Case Study of Piecemeal Integration of Tools and Services
page 1432 - 1453
Vol.18 / Issue 11
W. Guest, F. Wild, A. Vovk, P. Lefrere, R. Klemke, M. Fominykh, T. Kuula:
A Technology Acceptance Model for Augmented Reality and Wearable Technologies
page 192 - 219
Vol.24 / Issue 2
A. Hinderks, D. Winter, M. Schrepp, J. Thomaschewski:
Applicability of User Experience and Usability Questionnaires
page 1717 - 1735
Vol.25 / Issue 13
P.-Y. Hsu, P.-H. Ting:
POCA : A User Distributions Algorithm in Enterprise Systems with Clustering
page 160 - 186
Vol.12 / Issue 2
J. Ibáñez, D. García, O. Serrano:
Displaying Pictures according to the Songs Being Played
page 3114 - 3126
Vol.14 / Issue 19
R. José, H. Rodrigues, N. Otero:
Ambient Intelligence: Beyond the Inspiring Vision
page 1480 - 1499
Vol.16 / Issue 12
L. Jéribi, B. Rumpler:
Instance Cooperative Memory to Improve Query Expansion in Information Retrieval Systems
page 591 - 601
Vol.8 / Issue 6
H. Kahler:
More Than WORDs - Collaborative Tailoring of a Word Processor
page 826 - 847
Vol.7 / Issue 9
R. Piotr Katarzyniak:
The Language Grounding Problem and its Relation to the Internal Structure of Cognitive Agents
page 357 - 374
Vol.11 / Issue 2
G. Kolaczek, K. Juszczyszyn:
Deontic Logic-based Framework for Ontology Aligment in Agent Communities
page 178 - 197
Vol.16 / Issue 1
C. Koo, Y. Wati:
Toward an Understanding of the Mediating Role of "Trust" in Mobile Banking Service: An Empirical Test of Indonesia Case
page 1801 - 1824
Vol.16 / Issue 13
M. Lanzenberger, J. Sampson, M. Rester:
Ontology Visualization: Tools and Techniques for Visual Representation of Semi-Structured Meta-Data
page 1036 - 1054
Vol.16 / Issue 7
G. Lindgaard, P. Egan, C. Jones, C. Pyper, M. Frize, R. Walker, C. Boutilier, B. Hui, S. Narasimhan, J. Folkens, B. Winogron:
Intelligent Decision Support in Medicine: back to Bayes?
page 2720 - 2736
Vol.14 / Issue 16
S. Lukosch:
Seamless Transition between Connected and Disconnected Collaborative Interaction
page 59 - 87
Vol.14 / Issue 1
R. Maier, S. Thalmann, F. Bayer, M. Krüger, H. Nitz, A. Sandow:
Optimizing Assignment of Knowledge Workers to Office Space Using Knowledge Management Criteria
The Flexible Office Case
page 508 - 525
Vol.14 / Issue 4
R. Martać, N. Milivojević, M. Despotović-Zrakić, Z. Bogdanović, D. Barać:
Enhancing Large Dam Safety Using IoT Technologies: A Case of a Smart Dam
page 583 - 603
Vol.26 / Issue 5
J. Mateu, X. Alamán:
CUBICA: An Example of Mixed Reality
page 2598 - 2616
Vol.19 / Issue 17
M. T. Maybury:
Knowledge on Demand: Knowledge and Expert Discovery
page 491 - 505
Vol.8 / Issue 5
M. Mayeh, T. Ramayah, S. Popa:
The Role of Absorptive Capacity in the Usage of a Complex Information System: The Case of the Enterprise Information System
page 826 - 841
Vol.20 / Issue 6
S. Münzer, B. Xiao:
Small Groups Learning Synchronously Online at the Workplace: The Interaction of Factors Determining Outcome and Acceptance
page 378 - 393
Vol.11 / Issue 3
G.J. Nalepa:
Collective Knowledge Engineering with Semantic Wikis
page 1006 - 1023
Vol.16 / Issue 7
M.M. North, S.M. North:
The Sense of Presence Exploration in Virtual Reality Therapy
page 72 - 84
Vol.24 / Issue 2
G. Okeyo, L. Chen, H. Wang:
An Agent-mediated Ontology-based Approach for Composite Activity Recognition in Smart Homes
page 2577 - 2597
Vol.19 / Issue 17
E. Cabrera Paraiso, C.A. Tacla:
Using Embodied Conversational Assistants to Interface Users with Multi-Agent Based CSCW Applications: The WebAnima Agent
page 1991 - 2010
Vol.15 / Issue 9
B. Predic, D. Stojanovic:
Localized Processing and Analysis of Accelerometer Data in Detecting Traffic Events and Driver Behaviour
page 1152 - 1176
Vol.18 / Issue 9
S. A. Rebelsky, F. Makedon, P.T. Metaxas, J. Ford, C. Owen, P. A. Gloor:
The Roles of Video in the Design, Development, and Use of Interactive Electronic Conference Proceedings
page 604 - 628
Vol.4 / Issue 6
J. Roberts:
Pervasive Health Management and Health Management Utilizing Pervasive Technologies : Synergy and Issues
page 6 - 14
Vol.12 / Issue 1
K. Rástočný, M. Tvarožek, M. Bielikova:
Web Search Results Exploration via Cluster-Based Viewes and Zoom-Based Navigation
page 2320 - 2346
Vol.19 / Issue 15
C. Sapateiro, N. Baloian, P. Antunes, G. Zurita:
Developing a Mobile Collaborative Tool for Business Continuity Management
page 164 - 182
Vol.17 / Issue 2
B. Schmidt, T. Stoitsev, M. Mühlhäuser:
Task Models for Intention-Aware Systems
page 1511 - 1526
Vol.17 / Issue 10
T. Schwotzer, K. Geihs:
Shark - a System for Management, Synchronization and Exchange of Knowledge in Mobile User Groups
page 644 - 651
Vol.8 / Issue 6
C. Seifert, E. Ulbrich, R. Kern, M. Granitzer:
Text Representation for Efficient Document Annotation
page 383 - 405
Vol.19 / Issue 3
M. Sendín, V. López-Jaquero, C.A. Collazos:
Collaborative Explicit Plasticity Framework: a Conceptual Scheme for the Generation of Plastic and Group-Aware User Interfaces
page 1447 - 1462
Vol.14 / Issue 9
M. Sečujski, D. Pekar, S. Suzić, A. Smirnov, T. Nosek:
Speaker/Style-Dependent Neural Network Speech Synthesis Based on Speaker/Style Embedding
page 434 - 453
Vol.26 / Issue 4
S.K. Shahzad:
Ontology-based User Interface Development: User Experience Elements Pattern
page 1078 - 1088
Vol.17 / Issue 7
R.L. Sie, M. Bitter-Rijpkema, P.B. Sloep:
What's in it for me? Recommendation of Peers in Networked Innovation
page 1659 - 1672
Vol.17 / Issue 12
V. Smailovic, V. Podobnik:
Mining Social Networks for Calculation of SmartSocial Influence
page 394 - 415
Vol.22 / Issue 3
C. Taivan, R. José, B. Silva, I. Elhart, J. Cardoso:
Design Considerations for Application Selection and Control in Multi-user Public Displays
page 2526 - 2542
Vol.19 / Issue 17
L.M. Tobar, P.M. Latorre Andrés, E. Lafuente Lapena:
WebA: A Tool for the Assistance in Design and Evaluation of Websites
page 1496 - 1512
Vol.14 / Issue 9
I. Tomek:
Knowledge Management and Collaborative Virtual Environments
page 458 - 471
Vol.7 / Issue 6
C.D. Tran, H. Ezzedine, C. Kolski:
Evaluation of Agent-based Interactive Systems: Proposal of an Electronic Informer Using Petri Nets
page 3202 - 3216
Vol.14 / Issue 19
T.N.T. Tran, M. Atas, M.V. Le, R. Samer, M. Stettinger:
Social Choice-based Explanations: An Approach to Enhancing Fairness and Consensus Aspects
page 402 - 431
Vol.26 / Issue 3
P.G. Villanueva, R. Tesoriero, J.A. Gallud, A.H. Altalhi:
A Framework to Develop Web Applications Based on RFID Panels
page 1792 - 1807
Vol.19 / Issue 12
B. Weyers, E. Auer, W. Luther:
The Role of Verification and Validation Techniques within Visual Analytics
page 967 - 987
Vol.25 / Issue 8
J. Yim, I. Ko, J. Do, J. Joo, S. Jeong:
Implementation of a Prototype Positioning System for LBS on U-campus
page 2381 - 2399
Vol.14 / Issue 14
J. Yong:
Security and Privacy Preservation for Mobile E-Learning via Digital Identity Attributes
page 296 - 310
Vol.17 / Issue 2
S. Yuan, G. Deng, Q. Feng, P. Zheng, T. Song:
Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Decomposition for Energy-aware Scheduling in Heterogeneous Computing Systems
page 636 - 651
Vol.23 / Issue 7
C. Vaz de Carvalho, P. Cano, J.M. Roa, A. Wanka, F. Kolland:
Overcoming the Silver Generation Digital Gap
page 1625 - 1543
Vol.25 / Issue 12
J. van Biljon, P. Kotzé:
Cultural Factors in a Mobile Phone Adoption and Usage Model
page 2650 - 2679
Vol.14 / Issue 16
G.C. van der Veer:
Cognitive Ergonomics in Interface Design - Discussion of a Moving Science
page 2614 - 2629
Vol.14 / Issue 16