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Articles by Topics
Topic M. - Knowledge Management

M.T. Afzal, N. Kulathuramaiyer, H. Maurer:
Creating Links into the Future
page 1234 - 1245
Vol.13 / Issue 9
J.M. Hauagge Dall Agnol, C.A. Tacla:
A Method for Collaborative Argumentation in Merging Individual Ontologies
page 1808 - 1833
Vol.19 / Issue 12
D.A.G. Aguilar, R. Therón, F.J. García-Peñalvo:
Semantic Spiral Timelines Used as Support for e-Learning
page 1526 - 1545
Vol.15 / Issue 7
D. Beneventano, S. Bergamaschi, F. Guerra, M. Vincini:
The SEWASIE Network of Mediator Agents for Semantic Search
page 1936 - 1969
Vol.13 / Issue 12
M. Bertoni, K. Chirumalla:
Leveraging Web 2.0 in New Product Development: Lessons Learned from a Cross-company Study
page 548 - 564
Vol.17 / Issue 4
L. Borzemski:
Internet Path Behavior Prediction via Data Mining: Conceptual Framework and Case Study
page 287 - 316
Vol.13 / Issue 2
D. Burgos, C. Tattersall, M. Dougiamas, H. Vogten, R. Koper:
A First Step Mapping IMS Learning Design and Moodle
page 924 - 931
Vol.13 / Issue 7
L. Cao, Y. Ou:
Market Microstructure Patterns Powering Trading and Surveillance Agents
page 2288 - 2308
Vol.14 / Issue 14
G. Carvalho, A.S. Vivacqua, J.M. Souza, S.P.J. Medeiros:
LaSca: a Large Scale Group Decision Support System
page 261 - 275
Vol.17 / Issue 2
W. Chamlertwat, P. Bhattarakosol, T. Rungkasiri, C. Haruechaiyasak:
Discovering Consumer Insight from Twitter via Sentiment Analysis
page 973 - 992
Vol.18 / Issue 8
J.M. Chaves-González, M.A. Vega-Rodríguez, J.A. Gómez-Pulido, J.M. Sánchez-Pérez:
Pipeline-scheduling Simulator for Educational Purpose
page 959 - 969
Vol.13 / Issue 7
T.-Q. Chu, A. Drogoul, A. Boucher, J.-D. Zucker:
Interactive Learning of Independent Experts' Criteria for Rescue Simulations
page 2701 - 2725
Vol.15 / Issue 13
A. Comi, M.J. Eppler:
Assessing the Impact of Visual Facilitation on Inter-Organizational Collaboration: An Experimental Study
page 1430 - 1454
Vol.17 / Issue 10
D. Datcu, S. Lukosch, H. Lukosch:
A Collaborative Game to Study Presence and Situational Awareness in a Physical and an Augmented Reality Environment
page 247 - 270
Vol.22 / Issue 12
S. Debbech, S. Collart-Dutilleul, P. Bon:
An Ontological Approach to Support Dysfunctional Analysis for Railway Systems Design
page 549 - 582
Vol.26 / Issue 5
J.M. Dodero, S. Sánchez-Alonso, D. Frosch-Wilke:
Generative Instructional Engineering of Competence Development Programmes
page 1213 - 1233
Vol.13 / Issue 9
D. Dudek:
The APS Framework For Incremental Learning of Software Agents
page 2263 - 2287
Vol.14 / Issue 14
R. Pinto Ferreira, J. Neves Silva, F. do Rocio Strauhs, A.L. Soares:
Performance Management in Collaborative Networks: a Methodological Proposal
page 1412 - 1429
Vol.17 / Issue 10
A. Fessl, V. Pammer-Schindler, K. Pata, S. Feyertag, M. Mõttus, J. Janus, T. Ley:
A Cooperative Design Method for SMEs to Adopt New Technologies for Knowledge Management: A Multiple Case Study
page 1189 - 1212
Vol.26 / Issue 9
A.C.B. Garcia, A.S. Vivacqua, T.C. Tavares:
Enabling Crowd Participation in Governmental Decision-making
page 1931 - 1950
Vol.17 / Issue 14
C. García-Moreno, Y. Hernández-González, M.Á. Rodríguez-García, J.A. Miñarro-Giménez, R. Valencia-García, A. Almela:
A Semantic based Platform for Research and Development Projects Management in the ICT Domain
page 1914 - 1939
Vol.19 / Issue 13
F.J. García-Peñalvo, M.Á. Conde, V. Zangrando, A. García-Holgado, A.M. Seoane, M. Alier, N. Galanis, F. Brouns, H. Vogten, D. Griffiths, A. Mykowska, G. Ribeiro-Alves, M. Minović:
(Tagging, Recognition, Acknowledgment of Informal Learning Experiences)
A Methodology to Make Learners' Informal Learning Activities Visible to the Institutions
page 1661 - 1683
Vol.19 / Issue 11
M.T. García-Álvarez, L. Varela-Candamio, I. Novo-Corti:
Chat as a Tool for Social Knowledge Construction Using Asynchronous Discussion Groups in Economics Degree
page 1443 - 1458
Vol.20 / Issue 10
P. Castro Garrido, I. Luque Ruiz, M.Á. Gómez-Nieto:
An Alert System for People Monitoring Based on Multi-Agents using Maps
page 1257 - 124
Vol.19 / Issue 9
A.P. Glascock, D.M. Kutzik:
The Impact of Behavioral Monitoring Technology on the Provision of Health Care in the Home
page 59 - 79
Vol.12 / Issue 1
Y. Gutiérrez, E. Lloret, J.M. Gómez:
Human Language Technologies: Key Issues for Representing Knowledge from Textual Information
page 1651 - 1676
Vol.24 / Issue 11
K. Halimi, H. Seridi-Bouchelaghem:
A Web3.0-based Intelligent Learning System Supporting Education in the 21st Century
page 1373 - 1393
Vol.25 / Issue 10
D. Helic:
Formal Representations of Learning Scenarios: A Methodology to Configure E-Learning Systems
page 504 - 531
Vol.13 / Issue 4
V. Janev, S. Vraneš:
Ontology-based Competency Management: the Case Study of the Mihajlo Pupin Institute
page 1089 - 1108
Vol.17 / Issue 7
E. Kalampokis, A. Karamanou, E. Tambouris, K. Tarabanis:
Applying Brand Equity Theory to Understand Consumer Opinion in Social Media
page 709 - 734
Vol.22 / Issue 5
K. Khelif, R. Dieng-Kuntz, P. Barbry:
An Ontology-based Approach to Support Text Mining and Information Retrieval in the Biological Domain
page 1881 - 1907
Vol.13 / Issue 12
A. Krouska, C. Troussas, M. Virvou:
Comparative Evaluation of Algorithms for Sentiment Analysis over Social Networking Services
page 755 - 768
Vol.23 / Issue 8
A. Latif, M.T. Afzal, H. Maurer:
Weaving Scholarly Legacy Data into Web of Data
page 2301 - 2318
Vol.18 / Issue 16
K.-L. Lepik, M. Krigul, E. Terk:
Introducing Living Lab's Method as Knowledge Transfer from one Socio-Institutional Context to another: Evidence from Helsinki-Tallinn Cross-Border Region
page 1089 - 1101
Vol.16 / Issue 8
L. Li, V. Bulitko, R. Greiner:
Focus of Attention in Reinforcement Learning
page 1246 - 1269
Vol.13 / Issue 9
J. Lladós, D. Karatzas, J. Mas, G. Sánchez:
A Generic Architecture for the Conversion of Document Collections into Semantically Annotated Digital Archives
page 2912 - 2935
Vol.14 / Issue 18
S. Lohmann, J. Niesenhaus, P. Heim, J. Ziegler:
Fostering Knowledge Flow and Community Engagement in the Development of Interactive Entertainment
page 1722 - 1734
Vol.15 / Issue 8
J. Müller, A. Stocker:
Enterprise Microblogging for Advanced Knowledge Sharing: The References@BT Case Study
page 532 - 547
Vol.17 / Issue 4
S.F. Ochoa, J.A. Pino, F. Poblete:
Estimating Software Projects Based On Negotiation
page 1812 - 1832
Vol.15 / Issue 9
K.-J. Oh, M.-D. Hong, U.-N. Yoon, G.-S. Jo:
Automatic Generation of Interactive Cooking Video with Semantic Annotation
page 742 - 760
Vol.22 / Issue 6
R. Barbosa Sousa Orrego, J.L.V. Barbosa:
A Model for Resource Management in Smart Cities Based on Crowdsourcing and Gamification
page 1018 - 1038
Vol.25 / Issue 8
M. Paredes, P.P. Sánchez-Villalón, M. Ortega, J.Á. Velázquez-Iturbide:
Collaborative Composition in a Foreign Language with Handheld Computing and Web Tools
page 948 - 958
Vol.13 / Issue 7
E. Nilsen Pereira de Souza, D. Barreiro Claro, R. Glauber:
A Similarity Grammatical Structures Based Method for Improving Open Information Systems
page 43 - 69
Vol.24 / Issue 1
A.A. Qaffas, A.I. Cristea, M.A. Mead:
Lightweight Adaptive E-Advertising Model
page 935 - 974
Vol.24 / Issue 7
K. Saito, H. Kubota, Y. Sumi, T. Nishida:
Analysis of Conversation Quanta for Conversational Knowledge Circulation
page 177 - 185
Vol.13 / Issue 2
C. Sanin, E. Szczerbicki, C. Toro:
An OWL Ontology of Set of Experience Knowledge Structure
page 209 - 223
Vol.13 / Issue 2
A. Schmeil, M.J. Eppler:
Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Learning in Second Life: A Classification of Virtual 3D Group Interaction Scripts
page 665 - 677
Vol.15 / Issue 3
A. Settle, C. Settle:
Distance Learning and Student Satisfaction in Java Programming Courses
page 1270 - 1286
Vol.13 / Issue 9
B. Taraghi, A. Saranti, M. Ebner, V. Müller, A. Großmann:
Towards a Learning-Aware Application Guided by Hierarchical Classification of Learner Profiles
page 93 - 109
Vol.21 / Issue 1
A. Taweel, A. Rector, J. Rogers:
A Collaborative Biomedical Research System
page 80 - 98
Vol.12 / Issue 1
C. Wu, M. Marchese, J. Jiang, A. Ivanyukovich, Y. Liang:
Machine Learning-Based Keywords Extraction for Scientific Literature
page 1471 - 1483
Vol.13 / Issue 10
Y.-C.J. Wu, C.-L. Chang, Y.-J. Hsieh:
Enhancing Learning Experience of the Disabled:
An Accessible Tourism Platform
page 2080 - 2095
Vol.20 / Issue 15
G. Zurita, P. Antunes, N. Baloian, F. Baytelman:
Mobile Sensemaking: Exploring Proximity and Mobile Applications in the Classroom
page 1434 - 1448
Vol.13 / Issue 10
A. Zygmunt, P. Bródka, P. Kazienko, J. Koźlak:
Key Person Analysis in Social Communities within the Blogosphere
page 577 - 597
Vol.18 / Issue 4
J.G. Lopes de Oliveira, P.M. Menezes da Costa, F.L. de Mello:
Knowledge Geometry in Phenomenon Perception and Artificial Intelligence
page 604 - 623
Vol.26 / Issue 5