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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies
Topic I.2.1 - Applications and Expert Systems

S. Abudalfa, M. Ahmed:
Open Domain Targeted Sentiment Classification Using Semi-Supervised Dynamic Generation of Feature Attributes
page 1582 - 1603
Vol.24 / Issue 11
A. Almonayyes:
Multiple Explanations Driven Naïve Bayes Classifier
page 127 - 139
Vol.12 / Issue 2
P. Tsanova Andreeva:
Inexact Information Systems and its Application to Approximate Reasoning
page 70 - 76
Vol.2 / Issue 2
M. Atzmueller, F. Puppe:
Semi-Automatic Visual Subgroup Mining using VIKAMINE
page 1752 - 1765
Vol.11 / Issue 11
M. Bavarian, V. Dahl:
Constraint Based Methods for Biological Sequence Analysis
page 1500 - 1520
Vol.12 / Issue 11
F.L. Ber, A. Napoli, J.-L. Metzger, S. Lardon:
Modeling and Comparing Farm Maps using Graphs and Case-based Reasoning
page 1073 - 1095
Vol.9 / Issue 9
R. Bergmann, M. Schaaf:
Structural Case-Based Reasoning and Ontology-Based Knowledge Management: A Perfect Match?
page 608 - 626
Vol.9 / Issue 7
B. Blankertz, G. Dornhege, S. Lemm, M. Krauledat, G. Curio, K.-R. Müller:
The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface:
Machine Learning Based Detection of User Specific Brain States
page 581 - 607
Vol.12 / Issue 6
U. M. Borghoff, R. Pareschi:
Information Technology for Knowledge Management
page 835 - 842
Vol.3 / Issue 8
G. Brzykcy, J. Bartoszek, T. Pankowski:
Schema Mappings and Agents' Actions in P2P Data Integration System
page 1048 - 1060
Vol.14 / Issue 7
O. Camacho-Nieto, C. Yáñez-Marquez, Y. Villuendas-Rey:
Undersampling Instance Selection for Hybrid and Incomplete Imbalanced Data
page 698 - 719
Vol.26 / Issue 6
J.C.-H. Chen, H.-Y. Kang, M.-C. Wang:
Integrating Feature Ranking with Ensemble Learning and Logistic Model Trees for the Prediction of Postprandial Blood Glucose Elevation
page 797 - 812
Vol.24 / Issue 6
C.-S. Cheng, P.-W. Shueng, C.-C. Chang, C.-W. Kuo:
Adapting an Evidence-based Diagnostic Model for Predicting Recurrence Risk Factors of Oral Cancer
page 742 - 752
Vol.24 / Issue 6
I. Christensen, S. Schiaffino:
A Hybrid Approach for Group Profiling in Recommender Systems
page 507 - 533
Vol.20 / Issue 4
S. Colucci, T. Di Noia, E. Di Sciascio, F.M. Donini, A. Ragone:
Semantic-based Skill Management for Automated Task Assignment and Courseware Composition
page 1184 - 1212
Vol.13 / Issue 9
T.H. Duong, G.S. Jo, J.J. Jung, N.T. Nguyen:
Complexity Analysis of Ontology Integration Methodologies:a Comparative Study
page 877 - 897
Vol.15 / Issue 4
V. Dutta, M. Choraś, M. Pawlicki, R. Kozik:
Detection of Cyberattacks Traces in IoT Data
page 1422 - 1434
Vol.26 / Issue 11
B. Fernandes, F. Silva, C. Analide, J. Neves:
Crowd Sensing for Urban Security in Smart Cities
page 302 - 321
Vol.24 / Issue 3
J. Martínez Fernández, J.C. Augusto, G. Trombino, R. Seepold, N. Martinez Madrid:
Self-Aware Trader: A New Approach to Safer Trading
page 2292 - 2319
Vol.19 / Issue 15
V. Gatteschi, F. Lamberti, C. Demartini, R. van Wezel, S. Bettiol:
Exploiting Semantics for Constructing and Comparing Occupational and Educational-driven Qualifications: the TIPTOE Project
page 5 - 24
Vol.18 / Issue 1
J. Jankowski, K. Kolomvatsos, P. Kazienko, J. Wątróbski:
Fuzzy Modeling of User Behaviors and Virtual Goods Purchases in Social Networking Platforms
page 416 - 437
Vol.22 / Issue 3
Ö. Kabak, F. Ülengin:
A Demand Forecasting Methodology for Fuzzy Environments
page 121 - 139
Vol.16 / Issue 1
D. Krstinić, M. Braović, D. Božić-Štulic:
Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning Based Classification of Natural Landscape Images
page 244 - 267
Vol.26 / Issue 2
O. Kühn, A. Abecker:
Corporate Memories for Knowledge Management in Industrial Practice: Prospects and Challenges
page 929 - 954
Vol.3 / Issue 8
F. Le Ber, A. Napoli:
The Design of an Object-based System for Representing and Classifying Spatial Structures and Relations
page 751 - 773
Vol.8 / Issue 8
K. Leong, J. Li, S. Chan, V. Ng:
An Application of the Dynamic Pattern Analysis Framework to the Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Crime Relationships
page 1852 - 1870
Vol.15 / Issue 9
W. Li, L. Gao, X. Li:
Application of Intelligent Strategies for Cooperative Manufacturing Planning
page 1907 - 1923
Vol.15 / Issue 9
G. Lindgaard, P. Egan, C. Jones, C. Pyper, M. Frize, R. Walker, C. Boutilier, B. Hui, S. Narasimhan, J. Folkens, B. Winogron:
Intelligent Decision Support in Medicine: back to Bayes?
page 2720 - 2736
Vol.14 / Issue 16
H. Luna-Aveiga, J. Medina-Moreira, O. Apolinario-Arzube, M.A. Paredes-Valverde, K. Lagos-Ortiz, R. Valencia-García:
Astmapp: A Platform for Asthma Self-Management
page 1496 - 1514
Vol.24 / Issue 11
M.-T. Martín-Valdivia, A. Montejo-Ráez, A. Ureña-López, M.R. Saleh:
Learning to Classify Neutral Examples from Positive and Negative Opinions
page 2319 - 2333
Vol.18 / Issue 16
M. T. Maybury:
Knowledge on Demand: Knowledge and Expert Discovery
page 491 - 505
Vol.8 / Issue 5
E. Moench, M. Ullrich, H.-P. Schnurr, J. Angele:
SemanticMiner - Ontology-Based Knowledge Retrieval
page 682 - 696
Vol.9 / Issue 7
L. Museros, L. González-Abril, F. Velasco, Z. Falomir:
A Pragmatic Qualitative Approach for Juxtaposing Shapes
page 1410 - 1424
Vol.16 / Issue 11
A. Muñoz Ortega, J.M. Alcaraz Calero, J.A. Botía Blaya, G. Martínez Pérez, F.J. Garcia Clemente:
Knowledge Authoring with ORE: Testing, Debugging and Validating Knowledge Rules in a Semantic Web Framework
page 1234 - 1266
Vol.16 / Issue 9
D. Pieczyński, M. Kraft, M. Fularz:
Improving Person Re-identification by Segmentation-Based Detection Bounding Box Filtering
page 611 - 626
Vol.25 / Issue 6
M. Pivec, O. Dziabenko:
Game-Based Learning in Universities and Lifelong Learning: "UniGame: Social Skills and Knowledge Training" Game Concept
page 14 - 26
Vol.10 / Issue 1
V. Podobnik, A. Petric, G. Jezic:
An Agent-Based Solution for Dynamic Supply Chain Management
page 1080 - 1104
Vol.14 / Issue 7
R. Rampalli, A.G. Ramakrishnan:
Fusion of Complementary Online and Offline Strategies for Recognition of Handwritten Kannada Characters
page 81 - 93
Vol.17 / Issue 1
L.M. Álvarez Sabucedo, R. Soto Barreiros, J.M. Santos Gago, M.J. Fernández Iglesias:
An Adaptive and Social-Aware Recommendation Algorithm for Administration Services
page 1523 - 1542
Vol.20 / Issue 11
R. Užupytė, T. Babarskis, T. Krilavičius:
The Generation of Electricity Load Profiles Using K-Means Clustering Algorithm
page 1306 - 1329
Vol.24 / Issue 9
Y. Villuendas-Rey, M.-D. Alanis-Tamez, C.-F. Rey Benguría, C. Yáñez-Márquez, O. Camacho-Nieto:
Medical Diagnosis of Chronic Diseases Based on a Novel Computational Intelligence Algorithm
page 775 - 796
Vol.24 / Issue 6
B. Vo, T. Tran, T.-P. Hong, N.L. Minh:
Using Soft Set Theory for Mining Maximal Association Rules in Text Data
page 802 - 821
Vol.22 / Issue 6
Q. Zou, C.-W. Chen, H.-C. Chang, Y.-W. Chu:
Identifying Cleavage Sites of Gelatinases A and B by Integrating Feature Computing Models
page 711 - 724
Vol.24 / Issue 6