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Volume 8

Content of Issue 8
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-008-08
J.UCS Special Issue on Spatial and Temporal Reasoning H. W. Guesgen, F. D. Anger, G. Ligozat, R. V. Rodríguez 737
An Architecture for a Three-Tier Path-Finder M. Barley, H. W. Guesgen, G. Karl 739
The Design of an Object-based System for Representing and Classifying Spatial Structures and Relations F. Le Ber, A. Napoli 751
Spatial-reasoning for Agents in Multiple Dimensions D. Mitra, G. Ligozat 774
Reasoning with Intervals on Granules S. R. Schwer 793
Scheduling Tasks to a Team of Autonomous Mobile Service Robots in Indoor Enviroments H. Surmann, A. Morales 808