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Volume 10 / Issue 1

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DOI:   10.3217/jucs-010-01-0014


Game-Based Learning in Universities and Lifelong Learning: "UniGame: Social Skills and Knowledge Training" Game Concept

Maja Pivec (FH JOANNEUM, Information Design, Austria)

Olga Dziabenko (FH JOANNEUM, Information Design, Austria)

Abstract: How to design effective learning opportunities? Why is learning by experience often more efficient than learning by studying? How to provide the learning experiences needed to respond to current challenges? Using computer games and games in general for educational purposes offers a variety of knowledge presentations and creates opportunities to apply the knowledge within a virtual world, thus supporting and facilitating learning processes. An innovative educational paradigm such as game-based learning, which is considered suitable for the given purpose, is described in this article. The connection of the collaborative social context of education with game-based learning is discussed in the first part of the paper.

The second part of the paper introduces the game concept of "UniGame: Social Skills and Knowledge Training". Game ideas along the educational background of the UniGame game concept are outlined. UniGame scenarios presented and possible use cases should stimulate users to apply game-based learning approach in the future for their classes.

Keywords: collaborative learning, constructivism, education, game, game-based learning, motivation

Categories: H.4.3, I.2.1, I.6.8, K.3.0, K.3.1, K.8.0