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Articles by Topics
Topic K. - Computing Milieux
Topic K.8.0 - General

D. Ašeriškis, R. Damaševičius:
Computational Evaluation of Effects of Motivation Reinforcement on Player Retention
page 432 - 453
Vol.23 / Issue 5
S. Dinçer, Y. Bitirim:
A Smart Hydroponics-Based System for Child Education
page 1279 - 1300
Vol.25 / Issue 10
M. Pivec, O. Dziabenko:
Game-Based Learning in Universities and Lifelong Learning: "UniGame: Social Skills and Knowledge Training" Game Concept
page 14 - 26
Vol.10 / Issue 1
T. Soikkeli, J. Karikoski, H. Hämmäinen:
Context Classification Framework for Handset-based End User Studies
page 1964 - 1986
Vol.20 / Issue 14