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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies
Topic I.6.8 - Types of Simulation

R. Bucki, P. Suchanek:
The Method of Logistic Optimization in E-commerce
page 1238 - 1258
Vol.18 / Issue 10
C. Gaffney, D. Dagger, V. Wade:
Authoring and Delivering Personalised Simulations — an Innovative Approach to Adaptive eLearning for Soft Skills
page 2780 - 2800
Vol.16 / Issue 19
J. L. Kulikowski:
Creation of Information Profiles in Distributed Databasesas a Game Problem
page 271 - 284
Vol.11 / Issue 2
K. Moriyama, M. Matsumoto, K.-i. Fukui, S. Kurihara, M. Numao:
Reinforcement Learning on a Futures Market Simulator
page 1136 - 1153
Vol.14 / Issue 7
M. Pivec, O. Dziabenko:
Game-Based Learning in Universities and Lifelong Learning: "UniGame: Social Skills and Knowledge Training" Game Concept
page 14 - 26
Vol.10 / Issue 1
D.V. Popel:
Visualization and Manipulation of Incomplete and Uncertain Dependencies by Decision Diagrams
page 1849 - 1862
Vol.11 / Issue 11