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Topic I. - Computing Methodologies

M. Ali, M. Pant, A.K. Nagar, C.W. Ahn:
Two Local Search Strategies for Differential Evolution
page 1853 - 1870
Vol.18 / Issue 13
G. Ascia, V. Catania, M. Palesi:
A Multi-objective Genetic Approach to Mapping Problem on Network-on-Chip
page 370 - 394
Vol.12 / Issue 4
S. Baldassarri, F. Seron:
Coordinated System for Real Time Muscle Deformation during Locomotion
page 349 - 376
Vol.17 / Issue 3
M. Bernard, F. Jacquenet:
Free Space Modeling for Placing Rectangles without Overlapping
page 703 - 720
Vol.3 / Issue 6
B. Sen Bhattacharya, D. Coyle, L.P. Maguire:
Assessing Alpha Band Event-related Synchronisation/Desynchronisation Using a Bio-Inspired Computational Model
page 1888 - 1904
Vol.18 / Issue 13
G. Bravo, M. Farjam:
Prospects and Challenges for the Computational Social Sciences
page 1057 - 1069
Vol.23 / Issue 11
G. Bravo, M. Laitinen, M. Levin, W. Löwe, G. Petersson:
Big Data in Cross-Disciplinary Research
page 1035 - 1037
Vol.23 / Issue 11
E. Börger:
The Origins and the Development of the ASM Method for High Level System Design and Analysis
page 2 - 74
Vol.8 / Issue 1
F.J. Cabrerizo, R. Heradio, I.J. Pérez, E. Herrera-Viedma:
A Selection Process Based on Additive Consistency to Deal with Incomplete Fuzzy Linguistic Information
page 62 - 81
Vol.16 / Issue 1
A.A. Constantino, C.F.X. de Mendonca Neto, S.A. de Araujo, D. Landa-Silva, R. Calvi, A.F. dos Santos:
Solving a Large Real-world Bus Driver Scheduling Problem with a Multi-assignment based Heuristic Algorithm
page 479 - 504
Vol.23 / Issue 5
F. Ferri, A. D'Ulizia, P. Grifoni:
Computational Models of Language Evolution: Challenges and Future Perspectives
page 1345 - 1377
Vol.24 / Issue 10
P. Jędrzejowicz, A. Skakovski:
Improving Performance of the Differential Evolution Algorithm Using Cyclic Decloning and Changeable Population Size
page 874 - 893
Vol.22 / Issue 6
C. Kahraman, S. Cebi, İ. Kaya:
Selection among Renewable Energy Alternatives Using Fuzzy Axiomatic Design: The Case of Turkey
page 82 - 102
Vol.16 / Issue 1
I. Joe Khor, J. Thomas, I. Jonyer:
Sliding Window Protocol for Secure Group Communication in Ad-Hoc Networks
page 37 - 55
Vol.11 / Issue 1
W. Lee, S. Lee, B. Hee Lee, Y. Dae Lee:
An Efficient Planning Algorithm for Multi-Head Surface Mounting Machines Using a Genetic Algorithm
page 833 - 854
Vol.5 / Issue 12
M. Micheletto, R. Santos, J. Orozco:
Scheduling Mandatory-Optional Real-Time Tasks in Homogeneous Multi-Core Systems with Energy Constraints Using Bio-Inspired Meta-Heuristics
page 390 - 417
Vol.25 / Issue 4
B. Nagy, L. Szegedi:
Membrane Computing and Graphical Operating Systems
page 1312 - 1331
Vol.12 / Issue 9
M. Ouimet, K. Lundqvist:
The Timed Abstract State Machine Language: Abstract State Machines for Real-Time System Engineering
page 2007 - 2033
Vol.14 / Issue 12

Topic I.6.m - Miscellaneous