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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies
Topic I.6.5 - Model Development

L. Aştefănoaei, M. Dastani, J.-J. Meyer, F.S. de Boer:
On the Semantics and Verification of Normative Multi-Agent Systems
page 2629 - 2652
Vol.15 / Issue 13
M. Alférez, R.E. Lopez-Herrejón, A. Moreira, V. Amaral, A. Egyed:
Consistency Checking in Early Software Product Line Specifications - The VCC Approach
page 640 - 665
Vol.20 / Issue 5
M. Altenhofen, A. Friesen, J. Lemcke:
ASMs in Service Oriented Architectures
page 2034 - 2058
Vol.14 / Issue 12
D. Alulema, J. Criado, L. Iribarne:
A Cross-Device Architecture for Modelling Authentication Features in IoT Applications
page 1758 - 1775
Vol.24 / Issue 12
A. Aqqal, C. Rensing, R. Steinmetz, N. Elkamoun, A. Berraissoul:
Using Taxonomies to Support the Macro Design Process for the Production of Web Based Trainings
page 1763 - 1774
Vol.14 / Issue 10
G. Boella, L. van der Torre, S. Villata:
Analyzing Cooperation in Iterative Social Network Design
page 2676 - 2700
Vol.15 / Issue 13
J. Decraene, T. Hinze:
A Multidisciplinary Survey of Computational Techniques for the Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of Biochemical Networks
page 1152 - 1175
Vol.16 / Issue 9
G. Giachetti, M. Albert, B. Marín, O. Pastor:
Linking UML and MDD through UML Profiles: a Practical Approach based on the UML Association
page 2353 - 2373
Vol.16 / Issue 17
K. Ma, B. Yang, Z. Chen, A. Abraham:
A Relational Approach to Model Transformation with QVT Relations Supporting Model Synchronization
page 1863 - 1883
Vol.17 / Issue 13
K. McGlinn, E. O'Neill, A. Gibney, D. O'Sullivan, D. Lewis:
SimCon: A Tool to Support Rapid Evaluation of Smart Building Application Design using Context Simulation and Virtual Reality
page 1992 - 2018
Vol.16 / Issue 15
A. Nikiforova, J. Bicevskis, Z. Bicevska, I. Oditis:
User-Oriented Approach to Data Quality Evaluation
page 107 - 126
Vol.26 / Issue 1
J.I. Panach, S. España, I. Pederiva, Ó. Pastor:
Capturing Interaction Requirements in a Model Transformation Technology Based on MDA
page 1480 - 1495
Vol.14 / Issue 9
P.M. Papazoglou, D.A. Karras, R.C. Papademetriou:
An Improved Multi-Agent Simulation Methodology for Modelling and Evaluating Wireless Communication Systems Resource Allocation Algorithms
page 1061 - 1069
Vol.14 / Issue 7
M.A. Pérez-Toledano, A. Navasa, J.M. Murillo, C. Canal:
A Safe Dynamic Adaptation Framework for Aspect-Oriented Software Development
page 2212 - 2238
Vol.14 / Issue 13
R. Rieder, M.S. Pinho, A.B. Raposo:
A Petri Nets based Approach to Specify Individual and Collaborative Interaction in 3D Virtual Environments
page 243 - 260
Vol.17 / Issue 2
R.L. Sie, M. Bitter-Rijpkema, P.B. Sloep:
What's in it for me? Recommendation of Peers in Networked Innovation
page 1659 - 1672
Vol.17 / Issue 12
A.J. Telmoudi, L. Nabli, R. M'hiri:
Modeling of Robustness Margins of the Control of a Predictive Control-Supervisory Architecture
page 3231 - 3245
Vol.15 / Issue 17
B. Thalheim:
Towards a Theory of Conceptual Modelling
page 3102 - 3137
Vol.16 / Issue 20
H. Treseler, O. Stursberg, P. W. H. Chung, S. Yang:
An Open Software Architecture for the Verification of Industrial Controllers
page 37 - 53
Vol.7 / Issue 1
T. Zeng, C. Tang, Y. Xiang, P. Chen, Y. Liu:
A Model of Immune Gene Expression Programming for Rule Mining
page 1484 - 1497
Vol.13 / Issue 10