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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies
Topic I.2.7 - Natural Language Processing

A.M. Abirami, A. Askarunisa:
Feature Based Sentiment Analysis for Service Reviews
page 650 - 670
Vol.22 / Issue 5
S. Abudalfa, M. Ahmed:
Open Domain Targeted Sentiment Classification Using Semi-Supervised Dynamic Generation of Feature Attributes
page 1582 - 1603
Vol.24 / Issue 11
M. Al-Ayyoub, H. Al-Sarhan, M. Al-So'ud, M. Al-Smadi, Y. Jararweh:
Framework for Affective News Analysis of Arabic News: 2014 Gaza Attacks Case Study
page 327 - 352
Vol.23 / Issue 3
M. Al-Smadi, M. Al-Ayyoub, H. Al-Sarhan, Y. Jararweh:
An Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Approach to Evaluating Arabic News Affect on Readers
page 630 - 649
Vol.22 / Issue 5
B. Antony J, G.S. Mahalakshmi:
Content-based Information Retrieval by Named Entity Recognition and Verb Semantic Role Labelling
page 1830 - 1848
Vol.21 / Issue 13
J. Araki:
Action Vectors: Modeling Spatial Relations between Objects and Routes
page 1046 - 1072
Vol.9 / Issue 9
G. Attardi, S.D. Marco, D. Salvi:
Categorisation by Context
page 719 - 736
Vol.4 / Issue 9
Y.R. Baca-Gomez, A. Martinez, P. Rosso, H. Estrada, D.I. Hernandez Farias:
Web Service SWePT: A Hybrid Opinion Mining Approach
page 671 - 690
Vol.22 / Issue 5
A. Bassa, M. Kroll, R. Kern:
GerIE - An Open Information Extraction System for the German Language
page 2 - 24
Vol.24 / Issue 1
C. Biemann, U. Quasthoff, K. Böhm, C. Wolff:
Automatic Discovery and Aggregation of Compound Names for the Use in Knowledge Representations
page 530 - 541
Vol.9 / Issue 6
J. Björklund, L. Cleophas, M. Karlsson:
An Evaluation of Structured Language Modeling for Automatic Speech Recognition
page 1019 - 1034
Vol.23 / Issue 11
K. Böhm, W. Engelbach, J. Härtwig, M. Wilcken, M. Delp:
Modelling and Implementing Pre-built Information Spaces. Architecture and Methods for Process Oriented Knowledge Management
page 605 - 633
Vol.11 / Issue 4
K. Böhm, G. Heyer, U. Quasthoff, C. Wolff:
Topic Map Generation Using Text Mining
page 623 - 633
Vol.8 / Issue 6
R. Zatarain Cabada, M.L. Barrón Estrada, R. Oramas Bustillos:
Mining of Educational Opinions with Deep Learning
page 1604 - 1626
Vol.24 / Issue 11
F.A. Mikic Fonte, J.C. Burguillo Rial, M. Llamas-Nistal:
TQ-Bot: An AIML-based Tutor and Evaluator Bot
page 1486 - 1495
Vol.15 / Issue 7
J.C. de A. R. Gonçalves, F.M. Santoro, F. Araujo Baião:
Let Me Tell You a Story - On How to Build Process Models
page 276 - 295
Vol.17 / Issue 2
K. Grčić, M. Bagić Babac, V. Podobnik:
Generating Politician Profiles based on Content Analysis of Social Network Datasets
page 236 - 255
Vol.23 / Issue 3
M.M. Hammad, M. Al-Smadi, Q.B. Baker, M. Al-asa'd, N. Al-khdour, M.B. Younes, E. Khwaileh:
Question to Question Similarity Analysis Using Morphological, Syntactic, Semantic, and Lexical Features
page 671 - 697
Vol.26 / Issue 6
L.P. Hoang, N. Arch-Int:
Assessment of Open-Ended Questions using a Multidimensional Approach for the Interaction and Collaboration of Learners in E-Learning Environments
page 932 - 949
Vol.19 / Issue 7
A. Holzinger, R. Geierhofer, F. Mödritscher, R. Tatzl:
Semantic Information in Medical Information Systems: Utilization of Text Mining Techniques to Analyze Medical Diagnoses
page 3781 - 3795
Vol.14 / Issue 22
G. Jakus, J. Sodnik, S. Tomažič:
The Architectural Design of a System for Interpreting Multilingual Web Documents in E-speranto
page 377 - 398
Vol.17 / Issue 3
M. Juršič, I. Mozetič, T. Erjavec, N. Lavrač:
LemmaGen: Multilingual Lemmatisation with Induced Ripple-Down Rules
page 1190 - 1214
Vol.16 / Issue 9
E. Kalampokis, A. Karamanou, E. Tambouris, K. Tarabanis:
On Predicting Election Results using Twitter and Linked Open Data: The Case of the UK 2010 Election
page 280 - 303
Vol.23 / Issue 3
M. Kreuzthaler, M.D. Bloice, L. Faulstich, K.-M. Simonic, A. Holzinger:
A Comparison of Different Retrieval Strategies Working on Medical Free Texts
page 1109 - 1133
Vol.17 / Issue 7
S. Lamprier, T. Amghar, B. Levrat, F. Saubion:
Using an Evolving Thematic Clustering in a Text Segmentation Process
page 178 - 192
Vol.14 / Issue 2
M. Bustos López, G. Alor-Hernández, J.L. Sánchez-Cervantes, M. del Pilar Salas-Zárate, M.A. Paredes-Valverde:
EduRP: an Educational Resources Platform based on Opinion Mining and Semantic Web
page 1515 - 1535
Vol.24 / Issue 11
F. López-Colino, J. Colás:
The Synthesis of LSE Classifiers: From Representation to Evaluation
page 399 - 425
Vol.17 / Issue 3
M.-T. Martín-Valdivia, A. Montejo-Ráez, A. Ureña-López, M.R. Saleh:
Learning to Classify Neutral Examples from Positive and Negative Opinions
page 2319 - 2333
Vol.18 / Issue 16
A. Mehler:
Components of a Model of Context-Sensitive Hypertexts
page 924 - 943
Vol.8 / Issue 10
F. Meyer, B. van der Merwe, D. Coetsee:
Learning Concept Embeddings from Temporal Data
page 1378 - 1402
Vol.24 / Issue 10
E. Cabrera Paraiso, C.A. Tacla:
Using Embodied Conversational Assistants to Interface Users with Multi-Agent Based CSCW Applications: The WebAnima Agent
page 1991 - 2010
Vol.15 / Issue 9
L. Prechelt:
The Forum for Negative Results (FNR)
Guest Editorial
page 2748 - 2749
Vol.18 / Issue 20
L. Prechelt:
Why We Need an Explicit Forum for Negative Results
page 1074 - 1083
Vol.3 / Issue 9
N. Trevisan Roman, P. Piwek, A.M. Brito Rizzoni Carvalho, A. Rossi Alvares:
Sentiment and Behaviour Annotation in a Corpus of Dialogue Summaries
page 561 - 586
Vol.21 / Issue 4
J.L. Garcia Rosa, J.M. Adan-Coello:
Biologically Plausible Connectionist Prediction of Natural Language Thematic Relations
page 3245 - 3277
Vol.16 / Issue 21
M. del Pilar Salas-Zarate, M.A. Paredes-Valverde, J. Limon-Romero, D. Tlapa, Y. Baez-Lopez:
Sentiment Classification of Spanish Reviews: An Approach based on Feature Selection and Machine Learning Methods
page 691 - 708
Vol.22 / Issue 5
H. Saneifar, S. Bonniol, P. Poncelet, M. Roche:
From Terminology Extraction to Terminology Validation:
An Approach Adapted to Log Files
page 604 - 636
Vol.21 / Issue 4
P.B. Sloep, A.J. Berlanga, W. Greller, S. Stoyanov, M. van der Klink, S. Retalis, J. Hensgens:
Educational Innovation with Learning Networks: Tools and Developments
page 44 - 61
Vol.18 / Issue 1
G. Somprasertsri, P. Lalitrojwong:
Mining Feature-Opinion in Online Customer Reviews for Opinion Summarization
page 938 - 955
Vol.16 / Issue 6
A. Taweel, A. Rector, J. Rogers:
A Collaborative Biomedical Research System
page 80 - 98
Vol.12 / Issue 1
I.-H. Ting:
Detection of the Spiral of Silence Effect in Social Media
page 438 - 452
Vol.22 / Issue 3
J.A. Troyano, F. Enríquez, F. Cruz, J.M. Cañete-Valdeón, F.J. Ortega:
Improving the Performance of a Tagger Generator in an Information Extraction Application
page 1287 - 1299
Vol.13 / Issue 9
B. Vo, T. Tran, T.-P. Hong, N.L. Minh:
Using Soft Set Theory for Mining Maximal Association Rules in Text Data
page 802 - 821
Vol.22 / Issue 6
H. D. Wactlar:
Extracting and Visualizing Knowledge from Film and Video Archives
page 602 - 612
Vol.8 / Issue 6
J.G. Wolff:
Syntax, Parsing and Production of Natural Language in a Framework of Information Compression by Multiple Alignment, Unification and Search
page 781 - 829
Vol.6 / Issue 8
M. Woźniak, D. Połap, R. Damaševičius, W. Wei:
Design of Computational Intelligence-based Language Interface for Human-Machine Secure Interaction
page 537 - 553
Vol.24 / Issue 4