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Topic L. - Science and Technology of Learning

S. Osuna Acedo, J. Gil Quintana, C. Cantillo Valero:
Open, Mobile and Collaborative Educational Experience. Case study: The European ECO Project
page 1215 - 1237
Vol.23 / Issue 12
D.A.G. Aguilar, R. Therón, F.J. García-Peñalvo:
Semantic Spiral Timelines Used as Support for e-Learning
page 1526 - 1545
Vol.15 / Issue 7
D. Biella, T. Pilz, D. Sacher, B. Weyers, W. Luther, N. Baloian, T. Schreck:
Crowdsourcing and Co-curation in Virtual Museums: A Practice-driven Approach
page 1277 - 1297
Vol.22 / Issue 10
M. Blagojević, M. Milosević:
Collaboration and Learning Styles in Pure Online Courses: an Action Research
page 984 - 1002
Vol.19 / Issue 7
R. Zatarain Cabada, M.L. Barrón Estrada, R. Oramas Bustillos:
Mining of Educational Opinions with Deep Learning
page 1604 - 1626
Vol.24 / Issue 11
W. Cambruzzi, S.J. Rigo, J.L.V. Barbosa:
Dropout Prediction and Reduction in Distance Education Courses with the Learning Analytics Multitrail Approach
page 23 - 47
Vol.21 / Issue 1
V.M. Ciric, I.Z. Milentijevic, O.M. Vojinovic, N.S. Manic:
Cost Estimation of Blended Learning Course Delivery Through Public Cloud
page 310 - 333
Vol.25 / Issue 4
M. Despotović-Zrakić, D. Barać, Z. Bogdanović, B. Jovanić, B. Radenković:
Web-based Environment for Learning Discrete Event Simulation
page 1259 - 1278
Vol.18 / Issue 10
A.S. Drigas, R.-E. Ioannidou, G. Kokkalia, M.D. Lytras:
ICTs, Mobile Learning and Social Media to Enhance Learning for Attention Difficulties
page 1499 - 1510
Vol.20 / Issue 10
M. Friedrich, M. Wolpers, R. Shen, C. Ullrich, R. Klamma, D. Renzel, A. Richert, B. von der Heiden:
Early Results of Experiments with Responsive Open Learning Environments
page 451 - 471
Vol.17 / Issue 3
S. Hewawalpita, S. Herath, I. Perera, D. Meedeniya:
Effective Learning Content Offering in MOOCs with Virtual Reality - An Exploratory Study on Learner Experience
page 129 - 148
Vol.24 / Issue 2
M.F. Iskander, J. Baker, J. Kobashigawa Nakatsu, S.Y. Lim, N. Celik:
Multimedia Modules and Virtual Organization Website for Collaborative Research Experience for Teachers in STEM
page 1347 - 1364
Vol.17 / Issue 9
J. Janssen, A.J. Berlanga, S. Heyenrath, H. Martens, H. Vogten, A. Finders, E. Herder, H. Hermans, J. Melero Gallardo, L. Schaeps, R. Koper:
Assessing the Learning Path Specification: a Pragmatic Quality Approach
page 3191 - 3209
Vol.16 / Issue 21
M. Lamia, M. Hafidi, A. Tricot, O. Benmesbah:
Implementing Flipped Classroom that Used a Context Aware Mobile Learning System into Learning Process
page 1531 - 1553
Vol.25 / Issue 12
M. Lucas, A. Moreira:
A Visual Representation of Online Interaction Patterns
page 1496 - 1507
Vol.21 / Issue 11
C. Marta-Lazo, E. Hergueta-Covacho, J.A. Gabelas-Barroso:
Applying Inter-methodological Concepts for Enhancing Media Literacy Competences
page 37 - 54
Vol.22 / Issue 1
J. Melero, D. Hernández-Leo, J. Blat:
A Review of Constructivist Learning Methods with Supporting Tooling in ICT Higher Education: Defining Different Types of Scaffolding
page 2334 - 2360
Vol.18 / Issue 16
Y.V. Nieto, V. García-Díaz, C.E. Montenegro:
Decision-making Model at Higher Educational Institutions based on Machine Learning
page 1301 - 1322
Vol.25 / Issue 10
L. Po, D. Malvezzi:
Community Detection Applied on Big Linked Data
page 1627 - 1650
Vol.24 / Issue 11
A. Cañas Rodriguez, J.M. Santos Gago, L.E. Anido Rifón, R. Pérez Rodríguez:
A Recommender System for Non-traditional Educational Resources: A Semantic Approach
page 306 - 325
Vol.21 / Issue 2
P.B. Sloep, A.J. Berlanga, W. Greller, S. Stoyanov, M. van der Klink, S. Retalis, J. Hensgens:
Educational Innovation with Learning Networks: Tools and Developments
page 44 - 61
Vol.18 / Issue 1
J. Villalon, R.A. Calvo:
A Decoupled Architecture for Scalability in Text Mining Applications
page 406 - 427
Vol.19 / Issue 3
Q. Wang, E. Fleury:
Fuzziness and Overlapping Communities in Large-Scale Networks
page 457 - 486
Vol.18 / Issue 4
V. Yannibelli, M. Armentano, F. Berdun, A. Amandi:
A Steady-State Evolutionary Algorithm for Building Collaborative Learning Teams in Educational Environments Considering the Understanding Levels and Interest Levels of the Students
page 1298 - 1318
Vol.22 / Issue 10
L. de-la-Fuente-Valentín, A. Pardo, F. López Hernández, D. Burgos:
A Visual Analytics Method for Score Estimation in Learning Courses
page 134 - 155
Vol.21 / Issue 1